May 22, 2015 product highlights

I have acquired a Streamlight ProTac HL3 tactical light, which is a 3-battery (9 volt) model. It’s larger than most of us would carry in a pocket, although it will fit in several 5.11 vest pockets and deeper tactical or cargo pants pockets. It will also fit in Blackhawk’s hard polymer tactical light belt holster, and various fabric pouches (one included).

Streamlight claims 1100 lumens on high. It’s not a lot “brighter” or longer-reaching than my ProTac HL (2 cell, 750 lumens), but there is a lot more light. The beam fills in and illuminates the “gaps” in the distance, compared with lesser lights, and it not only reaches the distance, but at the same time throws a wider secondary beam that pretty much illuminates the whole yard.

Not recommended for indoor use, although it has a low setting that is not bright. This is a good tactical light to keep in a vehicle, go bag, or by the door.

Bill Laughridge’s Cylinder & Slide has some cool guns, including the Model 1908-style “Pocket Model” in .45 ACP, a 1911 cutaway pistol, and my personal favorite, their Superlight Government .45 ACP, which weighs only 26 oz. Not cheap.

Magpul has a new Hunter 700 Stock for the Remington 700 rifle and an announced new polymer magwell for it that allows you to use detachable box magazines. The new Bolt Action Mag Well is a drop-in part without any gunsmithing required. It is compatible with AICS pattern short action magazines and will be available this summer. $70.

The new RWS Premium R50SC .22LR rimfire cartridge has a shorter case for rifles with “non-customary” chamber dimensions. The lead bullet weighs 40 gr. and the muzzle velocity is 1080 fps (25″ barrel).

Browning’s Black Label Disrupter flashlight produces 2800 lumens and reaches 500 yards. It runs on a 10400 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery and uses three white Cree® LEDs, along with three red LEDs and three green LEDs for stealth, safety and night use. It includes household (AC) and vehicle (DC) chargers, and a USB charging cord. $425.

Big Horn Armory’s Model 89 rifle and carbine are now available chambered for the .500 Smith & Wesson Magnum revolver cartridge. When fired from a 22″ barreled Model 89, the .500 has 10% more velocity and 11% more energy than the .405 Winchester and 38% more velocity and 45% more energy than the standard .45-70 Government factory load. The Model 89 is a hybrid of the Winchester Models 86 and 92 rifle designs. Starting at about $2500, depending on options.

Cimarron’s new Eliminator Series of SAA revolvers designed specifically for SASS and CMSA shooters includes The Eliminator 8, The Eliminator C, and The Eliminator TS. An action job and a 25% shorter hammer stroke are standard features with The Eliminator series is made exclusively for Cimarron by Pietta.

Fiocchi has a new line of American Cowboy SASS-approved lead ammo, in period-looking boxes. Available calibers include .32 S&W Long, .38 S&W Short, .38 Special, .357 Magnum (Why? For proper levergun functioning, maybe?), .44 Special and .45 Colt.

Cool T-shirts. A lot of these reflect my philosophy.

Walker’s® Game Ear®, has their new Ultimate Power Muff Quads Series with 9x hearing enhancement and a noise reduction rating up to 27dB, making them the highest electronic hearing protection on the market while maintaining their slim “shooter” profile. The Ultimate Power Muffs operate on two AAA batteries, feature a compact folding design, have low profile ear cups, and incorporate a new comfort headband. They also have independent volume control and independent adjustable frequency tuning, via recessed knobs. Available in black or camo, starting at $200 MSRP. ($132 @ Amazon)

Hogue, Inc. has a new line of automatic retention carry holsters for a variety of handguns, including right and left-handed designs. All models feature the company’s patented Automatic Retention System; a trigger guard-lock design with intuitive release. Features include a flexible, comfortable, conforming paddle, an included belt plate option, and a built-in cant with no spacers and washers. Most models can be configured for straight, FBI angle or cross draw positioning and all feature a contoured, low print profile. $50.

Leo Combat has announced their Steel Reinforced Aluminum 1911 Frames, coming Fall 2015. Look for frames first, and complete commander-size carry guns shortly thereafter.

Trigger Tech has their Zero Creep Drop-in Trigger for Rem 700 actions, which features Frictionless (roller) Release Technology for a crisp, precise and zero creep release. 1.5-4lb adjustability with positive 1 oz. click increments without taking your trigger out, 440C stainless steel internals, anodized aluminum housing. Made in Canada. Lifetime warranty. $90.


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