FL man guilty of battery for tackling man legally carrying

43-year-old Michael Foster was found guilty of battery for tackling another man who was legally carrying a firearm in a Tampa, FL, Walmart, in a January incident caught by surveillance video. Foster was charged after he tackled Clarence Daniels, 62, as he entered the Walmart. Daniels has a CCW permit and was carrying legally and peacefully. Foster followed Daniels into the store and shouted, “He’s got a gun,” as he tackled him. Daniels said he had a permit, but Foster continued to hold him in a chokehold.

A jury found Michael Foster guilty of battery on Tuesday. His sentencing is scheduled for May.

Well, Foster THOUGHT he was doing the right thing. But simply carrying a gun is not wrong and commonly not illegal. You can’t legally assault someone who neither doing nor threatening to do anything wrong. As I said at the time, Foster is very lucky to have not been shot.

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