Corrupt gun control deal between NRA, Democrat congressmen, ATF?

Apparently corrupt gun control deal between NRA, Democrat congressmen, and ATF (details here, here, and here — Joe D., I suggest you start digging into this one).

NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris Cox denied everything and an NRA spokesperson called it a total fabrication. We will see. It doesn’t make much sense to me that such a deal would be brokered at the annual meeting in Nashville instead of back at NRA or ATF headquarters in Washington (without 80,000 witnesses about).

Sources say that Cox is next in line for the Executive VP position, which is currently occupied by Wayne LaPierre, who runs the NRA, as the president’s position is largely ceremonial. The EVP position is appointed by the Board, which in turn is elected by the membership. Some say LaPierre may be considering retirement but was re-elected EVP last weekend, and he re-appointed Cox.

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