Marine guns. AK rifle variants. Make a Glock 18 (video)

Marine guns

It’s official — the M4 carbine has replaced the M16A4 as the primary weapon for all USMC infantry battalions, security forces and supporting schools, by Sept., 2016. The M16A4 is not completely gone; it will remain in the armories of some training and non-combat units in the Army and Marine Corps. It’s also possible that surplus rifles may be modified for other roles, such as designated marksmen rifles.

Row row row your boat
Sneak up in the stream
Lock and load in tactic mode
United States Marines

Info about AK rifle variants

How to make a Glock 18 (because ammo is so cheap these days, I suppose)

Step 1: Obtain the proper federal licenses.

“We made these parts…”

I wouldn’t be surprised if ATF bans Glocks because they are “easily convertible.”

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