NRA meeting crowd

NRA meeting in Nashville – Roundup

NRA: 78,865 members present, the second-largest ever.

NRA Convention 2015

NRA meeting crowd








Demanding Mommies protesters: 110 present.

Demanding Mommies Protest

Allan D. Cors was elected NRA President

Pete Brownell was elected First Vice President

Richard Childress was elected Second Vice President

What it’s like, from a first-timer.

Controversial NRA Board member

The NRA announced Grover Norquist’s re-election to the NRA Board of Directors this week, but then confirmed that Norquist has “voluntarily suspended” himself from NRA board activities as he awaits the outcome of an investigation into allegations against him.

Those allegations, previously reported here, were made by Glenn Beck and Center for Security Policy president Frank Gaffney, both of whom say Norquist has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and other dangerous Islamic factions. Norquist is also accused of advocating amnesty for illegal aliens that will destroy the electoral defense of the Second Amendment.


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