April 17, 2015 product highlights

The Aklys Defense has the KSG-SS suppressor for the KSG shotgun (and others). Not cheap at $1285.

Ruger‘s 77/17 bolt rifle is now available in .17 WSM rimfire (also available in .17 HMR and .17 Hornet centerfire).

Magpul has its new Hunter X-22 stock for the Ruger 10/22.

Magpul also announced the pending summer release of the PMAG 15 GL9, a 15-round magazine compatible with all compact (G19 Sized) 9mm Glock handguns and subcompact 9mm Glock handguns with some protrusion below the grip. $15.95

Just in time for Mississippi’s new purse carry law, 5.11 Tactical now has two new handbags for concealed carry, the Sarah Satchel and the Lucy Tote. $110. But I still don’t recommend off-body carry.

SureFire‘s Titan is a 125 lumen keychain LED light. 3″ long, AAA battery. $60.

(I just read a tactical flashlight review indicating that 800 lumens is “fairly bright.” Just shows how far we’ve come.)

Thompson/Center Arms has reintroduced the G2 Contender rifle and pistol.

Beretta is now making its Model 92 chambered in .22 LR, with a polymer frame. Models include the M9 .22, M9A1 .22 and 92FS .22.

The Patriot Ordnance Factory PSG 9mm, or Patriot Sub Gun, is an AR-15-type semi-auto-only pistol with a self contained recoil system that does not require the traditional AR buffer tube. 3.6 lb., 16.3″ OAL, accepts Colt style 9mm magazines. Ambi controls. $1000.

Carbomask® Premium Performance Face Paint utilizes natural clay, activated charcoal, and other ingredients to create a clay-based polymeric facepaint that is scent-free, odor-adsorbing, no-glare, and which may be worn for days yet comes off easily after being moistened with plain water and light pressure applied.


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