March 6, 2015 product highlights

The new Howa Mini Action bolt rifle is currently available in .204 Ruger and .223 Rem., with other short action chamberings coming. The action is about 12% shorter than regular short actions. The rifle has a drawn barrel (light or heavy in 20″ and standard in 22″), three position safety, 10-round synthetic detachable magazines, a lightweight Hogue composite stock (OD Green, black or camo) and HACT two-stage trigger. (Drawn barrels are claimed to produce better accuracy than forged barrels, because they are not extruded and stretched, and do not begin with billet stock. Rather, they begin as extrusion tubes that are swaged, drawn and then roll leveled before cutting. Drawn barrels are also heat treated. This method produces less stress on the metallurgy and leads to a straighter barrel, producing better accuracy.) Weight 5.7-7.15 lbs. Starting at $608. Scope packages offered.

Non-conductive, non-metallic ceramic box cutter.

European American Armory Corp. has their EAA Witness Pavona Concealed Carry Purse and Pavona D’Wedge Purse Insert holster.

Wilson Combat has the new .308 Super Sniper semi-auto AR rifle.

Handloader’s Index — guide to reloading tools and accessories.

Magnetospeed Chronograph write-up. $189-399.


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