NBC Nightly News’ “Lyin’ Brian” Williams

Lamestream media talking head “Lyin’ Brian” Williams has been suspended from “NBC Nightly News” without pay for six months, due to an ongoing internal investigation into whether(?) Williams repeatedly “exaggerated” stories during his public appearances as managing editor of the “news” program as well as elsewhere.

Williams has now admitted to his “mistake in recalling the events” and apologized, but he had been denying the error for 12 years, right up until last week. His admission came only after he was confronted with evidence during a Stars and Stripes interview that he “embellished” events that occurred 12 years ago in 2003 while he was covering the war in Iraq. Subsequently, other questionable stories, including his reporting from New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina in 2005, have come under intense scrutiny. In 2004, a year after the Iraq incident, he was named managing editor of NBC News and anchor, and, as unconfirmed reports have it, recently got a five-year contract at $10 million a year.

$10 million a year for SAYING you got shot at. How much do our ACTUAL shot-at soldiers earn?

According to the Celebrity DBI — an index cited by the lamestream New York Times — Williams was the 23rd-most-trusted person in the country before his apology, but was ranked No. 835 after. Still Number 835 out of 300+ million people?

But according to the Jeff Pittman DBI — an index that gives no credit for being a celebrity, having a TV hairdo, or leaning so far to the left you can’t see the sky — Williams was ranked somewhere south of Pee Wee Herman, well below the 200,000,000 mark, both before and after the rest of the world found out he was a liar.

(Note that NBC news also faked the exploding gas tanks on GM pickups, and employed David Gregory to commit a gun felony on national TV.)

Here’s audio of Williams’ squirming during a Stars and Stripes interview about his “embellishments.”

And they wonder why we don’t believe their gun reporting either.

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