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Rick Ward, who is a gun rights activist, trainer, and writer for Mississippi Gun News, is a candidate for State Representative, presumably in Covington County. Although a gun rights activist, I was shocked to find that a page on his website also indicates that he proposes to make shooting animals a felony crime. That probably won’t sit well with hunters or with property owners with animal problems. They don’t sell all those guns just for defense against criminals.

City of Jackson & Hinds County, MS

I have recently noticed that some of the “no guns” signs that the City and the County posted on outside doors of their downtown buildings in the wake of the open carry bill in 2013 have come down (or moved inside). This DOES NOT mean that the City or the County are pro-gun, or even want to be legal. Just FYI.

State of MS

Did you know we have an “Office Against Interpersonal Violence (OAIV)?” It’s in the Mississippi Department of Health. The OAIV’s Advisory Board members, which are by law politically-correctly-diversified, must “have general knowledge or first-hand knowledge, or both, of interpersonal violence…”

Sounds like a bureaucracy where we instead need a cop.

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