January 29, 2015 product highlights

Products (some unconfirmed rumors)

Andrews Custom Leather review:

I have dealt with Sam Andrews, proprietor and craftsman at Andrews Custom Leather on several occasions. He is very nice and very easy to work with. This is a very small shop, and although he has a website, he does not do email or online ordering. You can look at his stuff online and then call to place an order. If he’s not working on a holster for me, Sam himself will answer the phone. If he is busy you get an old-fashioned answering machine. Leave your name and number and Sam will call you back. I really like his stuff – it’s as good as any I’ve tried, and better than most. It’s reasonably priced and you get to talk to the guy actually making it. This is NOT a paid advertisement. I just like Andrews’ stuff. I don’t have any of his holsters in my holster box where all the unused and no-longer-used stuff goes.

BeamLokr magnetic flashlight mounts field review:

I received a couple of these recently, one for a 12 ga. shotgun and one for a rifle. Mine are the bare mounts, to which I attached my own flashlight — a Streamlight ProTac HL. These require no tools or gunsmithing whatsoever. No screws or clamps. Just snap the light in the mount and slap the mount on the gun barrel or magazine tube. They work only with 1″ lights which have a head not much larger than 1″.

I tried the 12 ga. model on a ~7# Benelli Super Black Eagle. In the interest of stress testing, I used a 2.25 oz., 3.5″ “roman candle” turkey load. That combination generates what no one would describe as light or moderate recoil (about 70 ft-lbs energy or about the same as a 9# .416 Rem. Mag.). Upon firing, the flashlight, still securely in the BeamLokr mount, flew off the shotgun a distance approaching that of the empty shell, which was probably 12-15 feet away. I then tried a high velocity (1330 fps) 1.25 oz. “duck” load. The assembly slid forward an inch or two, but stayed on the gun. BeamLokr says this is normal and protects the light from too much shock. But you have to keep repositioning it. Fortunately Streamlights are tough.

I also tried the rifle version on a light (5.5#) Benelli Montefeltro 20 ga., which the rifle version fit pretty well. Again it stayed on the gun, but moved forward. I tried some “standard” 2.75″ loads and a 1.25 oz., 3″ load. I do not intend to try this device on a rifle in the .30-06 (or over) class.

With BeamLokr’s own light, this movement may be less of an issue, as their light may have less mass than mine. But in my experience, these mounts ARE NOT SUITABLE for guns with significant recoil, and not for any sort of serious social use, period. But they may work well to just slap it on the gun (especially a smallbore rifle) to go shoot a pest in the garden.

Can Cannon update:

XProducts is currently designing the following Can Cannon accessories —

  • Grappling Hook
  • Net Launcher
  • Dog Training Toys
  • T-shirt Launcher
  • Lawn Darts (good luck with that one)
  • Harpoon (and that one)

Robar‘s new POLYMAR-15 carbine weighs less than six pounds, with guaranteed sub-MOA accuracy potential, a 16″ barrel, midlength gas system and a polymer forend. It’s made with the KSP polymer upper and lower, Colt action parts, a nitride barrel and NP3 on the internal parts.

MAGPUL has the PMAG 17 GL9 polymer Glock magazine – with no steel liner – that works. It has a high visibility follower, stainless steel spring, easily removable floorplate, and it drops free. $15.95. They also offer the PMAG D-60, a light 60-round 5.56×45 NATO/.223 Remington polymer magazine for the AR15/M4 and variants. $129.95.

FNH USA has 4 or 5 new AR-15 variants.

Colt has announced a limited run (2500) reintroduction of its iconic model 1903 Pistol.

You’ve heard of the new .26 Nosler cartridge. Now they have the .28 (7mm) Nosler. 160 gr. @ 3300 fps.

Hoffner‘s American Tactical Apparel has a new deep cover pant/carry system.

Robinson Armament is planning to release its XCR-L in 6.5 Grendel. Due to lukewarm demand, it might be a while before they release it.

Rhino Arms plans to release their AR-10 in 12 gauge, probably in 2016.

Glock is “still” working on a single-stack 9mm pistol.

Stealth Engineering Group has developed this idea for a mount that allows you to quickly fold your rifle silencer to the side for easy storage or concealment (like a side-folding stock). The idea is that it makes a direct thread silencer even quicker to use than a fast-attach, and you don’t even need to match the threads on your rifle to the can (since the threads in the device can be changed out to accommodate whatever).

Kingston Armory makes .22LR caliber semi-automatic rifles specifically developed and designed to replicate the M1 Garand and M14. Kingston manufactures their receivers, which closely resemble Ruger 10/22 actions, from 4140 steel, and they use Ruger 10-round rotary magazines and full size Boyd’s walnut stocks.

Mossberg has a wood-stocked, AK-74 style .22LR rifle with a polymer receiver. Under 5#.

Galco‘s improved Carrysafe is a nylon holster/accessory pouch for purses, briefcases, messenger bags, etc., that attaches to a backing plate with Velcro. Using the attached metal clip, it can be adjusted to any height. There are 3 holster sizes to choose from, and an accessory carrier that could be used for a spare magazine or flashlight. Carrysafe Gen 2, $49.95; Original Carrysafe, $34.95; Carrysafe Accessory Carrier, $19.95

Lethal Lace is a concealed carry holster in a stretch lace, available in several colors. It is 7″ wide by 85″ long. It has 2 pockets measuring 4.5″ and 3.5″ wide (these 2 pockets are each divided into 2 equal pockets). There is a removable foam neoprene insert in one of the pockets for added cushion/comfort. It can be worn on the ankle, leg, thigh, hip, waist, belly, or chest. It has very strong suspender grips for securing it in place. $58.

Lucas Oil (the automotive fluids company) now has Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Oil, claimed to be low blow-back and good for high volume, automatic, or suppressed weapons. Various sizes up to 1 gal. available.

Grabagun.com has S&W M&P 15 Sport rifles for $579.

Adaptive Tactical has 10-round box and rotary magazine conversion kits for Mossberg 12 ga. shotguns.

Safe disguised as an air vent.

Hydrapak Stash collapsible water bottle. (Cheaper shipping on Amazon.)

Surefire‘s new Titan and Titan Plus mini flashlights are impressive. The Titan high beam provides 125 lumens and the Titan Plus provides 300 lumens, from a single NiMH rechargeable AAA cell. (You can use an alternative lithium or alkaline battery in a pinch, but it will provide notably lower output.) A Sanyo Eneloop NiMH battery is included. Both are triple output lights, with a low of 15 lumens and a mid-range of 75 lumens. Surefire rates the Titan Plus at 300 lumens for 1 hour, 75 lumens for 2.5 hours and 15 lumens for 5 hours, and both have a multi-faceted reflector that creates a “MaxVision Beam,” which emphasizes providing a wide, even beam to light up the entire environs out to a practical distance, not a maximum-reach beam. The Titan has a Type III black anodized aluminum body, 0.58″ in diameter and 3″ long, and weighs only 1 oz. (keychain light). The Titan Plus has a bushed nickel-plated brass body, also 0.59″ in diameter and 3.375″ long and weighs 1.8 oz. $49 for the Titan, $99 for the Titan Plus.

Need odd, obsolete, wildcat or custom brass? Here ya go.

Morgan Advanced Materials‘ Composites and Defence Systems business has introduced a buoyant, lightweight rifle plate insert for for body armor which is capable of stopping 6 hits by 7.62mm rifle ammunition, and it FLOATS.

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