February 6, 2015 product highlights

PARA USA. We have a report that Para will no longer make pistols after the first quarter of 2015, but will continue to honor warranties. The Freedom Group owns Para and Remington. Apparently the plan is to focus on one 1911 brand, and that will be the Remington R-1911, some of which will look more like a Para.

Pretty cool AR integrated handguard light concept.

Pretty cool prototype AR lower receiver that looks like a skull. Might not want to use it for self-defense.

Skull AR15 receiver

New Nosler bullets:

  • The AccuBond Long Range 6.5mm 142 grain (will stabilize in standard 1-9″ barrels).
  • E-Tip monolithic gilding metal bullets –
    • the 55 grain .223 is claimed to be a bona fide deer bullet,
    • while the 30 caliber, 150 grain E-Tip will dramatically increase penetration capabilities of the 30/30 Winchester,
    • and the 338 caliber, 225 grain E-Tip has a B.C. of .611 and over 95% weight retention.

Nosler is now offering the .458 Ballistic Tip Muzzleloader bullet boxed in component form (no sabot) for cheaper centerfire loads.

Federal Premium apparently has a new .380 HST load on the way. 99 grains, 930 fps from a 2.75″ barrel, 10″ of penetration in ballistic gelatin, nearly 100% weight retention, and a design meant to resist clogging.

Leica has a bunch of nice new scopes in their ER line.

Sako’s new Model 85 Carbonlight bolt rifle weighs just 5½ lbs., due to a carbon fiber stock and materials and technology borrowed from the automobile and aerospace industries. It has a fluted, free-floated, stainless steel barrel, stainless steel action and optional single set trigger (single stage is standard). Available now in five calibers – .22-250, .243, .260, 7mm-08 and .308. About $3000.

Tikka’s T3 is now available in a Forest model, featuring a Monte Carlo stock and upgraded wood, along with all the standard T3 features, including a single-stage adjustable (2 to 4 lbs.) trigger, Sako barrel with hand-crowned muzzle, two-stage safety and an exceptionally smooth action with spring-loaded plunger ejector. About $900.

Tikka also now offers the Hunter model in a left-handed version.

Volquartsen has its semi-auto rifle in .17 Win. Super Mag. rimfire, starting at $1875.

Or, you can get a Savage bolt rifle with Accutrigger in .17 WSM for just $270 at Cabela’s. Reviews are mixed.

CDI Precision Gunworks has detachable box magazine systems for many popular bolt rifles. $209.

NC Star now has a blue laser aiming device. The blue laser option provides a very bright aiming point in both daylight and lowlight conditions like green, but is designed to extend battery life as much as 4x-5x longer than green lasers. In addition, blue lasers are not susceptible to cold weather like green lasers. But I’ve never had the impression that NC Star products are top shelf. $160 for a light/laser combo.

Bushnell’s long range solution. Or maybe just learn to HUNT.

Standard Mfg. Co., LLC has a 1/2 size, .22LR semiauto Tommy Gun. Too bad you can’t find .22 ammo. But I still want one (for those gangster squirrels). $1299.

First-ever NRA-licensed AR-15 rifle. $2209.

A very bright bolt-action penlight.


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