February 27, 2015 product highlights

We reported a rumor some time ago that Rohrbaugh Firearms had been acquired by Remington/Freedom Group. We now have confirmation that the acquisition occurred in January, 2014. It’s apparently been kept very quiet, and I wonder if Remington did that just to eliminate competition for its problem-plagued R51 pistol. Rohrbaugh makes premium quality subcompact 9mm and .380 pistols.

1946 Jeep with mounted semiauto Browning 1919 “machine gun” in 8mm Mauser for sale.

Ruger has again dropped the Red Label shotgun from its line. The gun had previously been discontinued but was revived in 2013.

The makers of the high-tech TrackingPoint precision-guided rifle have laid off about 50% of the company’s workforce, including engineers and research and development specialists. Apparently the “inside sources” and the CEO disagree about the health of the company. Details here and here.

Ithaca now makes precision rifles.

I haven’t found it on their website, but apparently JP Enterprises is making a pump-action AR-style rifle.

Beretta’s new APX full sized striker fired pistol has a 2.8 lb. double action only trigger, polymer frame with Picatinny rail, interchangeable backstraps and grip panels, stainless steel black nitrided slide, with or without manual safety, and ambidextrous/reversible controls. 17+1 in 9mm, and 15+1 in .40 and 9×21. Since the US military is apparently looking to replace its issue Beretta M9 (92) pistols and seems to be unimpressed with the new M9A3 variant, Beretta apparently intends to submit a variant of the APX to the upcoming US Army Modular Handgun System solicitation.

SI-Defense has announced its Full Ambi .223/5.56 billet AR receivers which feature the same mirrored ambi controls that the .308 has, including the same bolt catch/release lever on both sides and the same magazine release button on both sides.

Safety Cylinder for J-frame revolver dry-fire training

Surefire’s upcoming XC1 is a compact weapon light for pistols.

During our cold, messy, sloppy, windy winter weather, I wear a 5.11 Tactical 3-in-1 Parka (#48001), which I’ve found to be outstanding for this purpose. It is windproof, waterproof and very warm (with a removable wear-alone fleece liner). My only gripe is that the pockets could be more/better and some velcro better placed. It’s not cheap at $265 retail, but I got mine new at an online auction far cheaper. New ones come with a $30 hi-vis reflective safety vest. It’s not just me — read the reviews. Coat sizes run large.


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