February 20, 2015 product highlights

$15 revolver hammer temporary shrouds. S&W J-frames only at this time. I’m curious about whether they really only fit J-frames.

New products from Leupold (“Loo-poled”) include:

The D-EVO (Dual-Enhanced View Optic), which can be married to virtually any red dot sight to deliver a magnified image, a bold aiming point, and the ability to switch between them with only the movement of your eye. The exclusive Close Mid-Range Reticle with Wind Holds (CMR-W) allows users to successfully estimate range and engage targets with greater precision, speed, and flexibility and the hold-overs are compatible with 5.56/.223 and 7.62/.308 cartridges. The reticle features a 0.5 MOA dot surrounded by a 5 MOA circle, mil-based ranging features and windage hold points.

The LCO (Leupold Carbine Optic), a compact 1X red dot. The LCO’s 1-MOA Dot reticle has 16 brightness settings, will shine bright in the middle of the day, and is night vision compatible on lower settings.

The DP-PRO (DeltaPoint Pro), a reflex sight with a bright, crisp reticle and exceptionally wide FOV.

Lipsey’s has Ruger Bearcat revolvers with adjustable sights.

MTM has some large plastic ammo crates that will securely hold a couple of cases of shotgun shells.

Federal Premium has new additions to its American Eagle line, including a .338 Lapua (“Lop-wa”) Magnum load with a 250 grain JSP and a .17 Winchester Super Magnum rimfire load with a 20 grain, polymer tipped varmint bullet at 3,000 fps. Apparently it’s already available at the outdoor “box” stores.

The US-made GroveTec Mil-Force swivel (which meets or exceeds all US military specifications) is claimed to be tougher than most. Available for both 1″ and 1¼” slings, the swivel has a one-piece body investment cast of 8620 steel with a knurled steel locking collar and a gray zinc-phosphate finish. $23 per pair.


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