About those gun-free zones

An armed robbery took place at the Fondren Post Office in Jackson, MS this week.

A woman apparently returned to her car from the P.O. when a man pointed a gun at her and took her purse. He jumped into the passenger seat of a black SUV and quickly left the scene. The woman was uninjured. She said the primary suspect was a young black male who was approximately 5’5″ and 160 lbs. We also have a report that police have identified two suspects, and one of them is a MS Dept. of Corrections employee.

It is not known if the postal inspectors and US Attorney will investigate and prosecute this crime. The alleged crime took place on federal property, which is a “gun free” zone, meaning that the hoods are free to use guns there. Note the sign on the P.O. door.

(6 weeks into 2015, we have at least 8 homicides in Jackson so far. One appears to have been justifiable.)

There was an attempted assassination last weekend at the Monroeville Mall in Monroeville, PA, that left three people fighting for their lives. The alleged shooter, a 17-year-old with a juvenile record of gun violence, had chosen the Macy’s store at the mall to take out his target, knowing the mall to be a “gun free zone.”

About those gun-free zone signs…

We reported last week on Conoy Township, PA’s signs reading “Welcome to Conoy Twp. THIS IS NOT A GUN FREE ZONE.”

But now we have a report that the anti-gunners vandalized several of the signs the next day after they went up.

And, the township is fielding requests from people who want to buy similar signs. Phone calls and emails have come in from elsewhere in PA and CA, TX, FL, MS, OH, ID, KY, and other states, as well as from pro-gun and 2nd Amendment organizations. The township will likely buy new signs from a private company and then resell them. Campaign-like yard signs and window stickers are also being planned. No prices or quantities have been determined.

Or, just get them direct from your sign company, with your own name on them.


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