Meprolight R4E Series

January 16, 2015 product highlights

Alliant has two new powders, Reloder 23 and Reloder 26. Reloder 23 is similar to Reloder 22, but resists the effects of temperature extremes. Reloder 26 falls in between Reloder 22 and Reloder 33 in burn rate. Its high density permits larger powder charges and, like Reloder 23, resists the effects of temperature changes. Alliant says Reloder 26 will produce “extremely high velocities” for magnums and heaviest bullets in the larger standard calibers, and has a component that reduces copper fouling.

CorBon now offers its legendary DPX line of bullets as components. They will come in 100-count boxes, including an 80-grain .380 ACP; a 115-grain 9mm; a 140-grain .40; and a 185-grain .45.

Check out these funky Phillips screwdriver looking bullets.

Black Hills has a new special purpose 5.56mm load utilizing the 70 grain Hornady GMX bullet and is designed as a “barrier blind” round. It’s not armor piercing, but significantly outperforms conventional bullets when engaging vehicle threats or behind light cover. It’s also claimed to be optimum for big game hunting requiring great expansion combined with deep penetration and nearly 100% weight retention. This load is designed for rifles with rifling twist of 1/7″ or 1/8″. Penetration in ballistic gelatin consistently runs 17-22″, with wound diameter in the 5″ range. Recovered bullet diameter averages nearly .50 caliber.

Bersa has the new BP380, a polymer-framed, striker fired single-stack .380 ACP. 8+1 rounds, 21.5 oz. $430.

Colt’s has its new O4012RG Colt Combat Commander Rail Gun with Picatinny rail, O4840RG Lightweight Commander Rail Gun, O1880RG Government Model Rail Gun (also a lightweight). $1198 each. The O4662XSE Lightweight Commander now offers a 9mm option. A stainless Government Model chambered in 9mm will also be offered in the XSE family, O1092XSE. $1104. The 1991 Series now offers three different caliber choices with the addition of the O1992 model in 9mm. The other two chambering options are .45 ACP and .38 Super. $907. The O5870A1 Gold Cup National Match features the Series 70 firing pin system along with a classic flat top slide, adjustable wide trigger, National Match barrel, adjustable target sights, and other refinements. $1,250.

SIG Sauer has started producing its P220 pistol (and ammo) in 10mm (4 pistol versions reported, both SAO and DA/SA), and added subcompact 9mm and compact .45 versions of their P320. SIG is also providing a new line of premium, high performance optics from its newly created Electro-Optics Division, including rifle scopes, battle sights, red-dot/reflex sights, laser rangefinders, binoculars, spotting scopes, and enhanced pistol sights, as well as suppressors from its new Silencer Division.

The SIG MCX was designed from the ground up as a modular short-barreled, silenced, lightweight rifle-caliber system based on the modular SIG MPX pistol caliber submachine gun. The MCX was designed for optimum performance with the .300 Blackout cartridge and a silencer by utilizing an auto-regulating gas system allowing the use of supersonic ammo on the silenced setting without damaging the firearm or negatively impacting reliability. Changing between .300 Blackout and 5.56 NATO is done by swapping barrels and op rods and converting to 7.62x39mm requires an additional bolt face change. All of this can be performed by the user in the field. Barrel lengths can also be changed, with 16″ rifle and 9″ SBR versions initially available. MCX $1866, SBR $2058, pistol with side-folding SBX Pistol Stabilizing Brace $2132.

Below are S&W‘s 2015 pistol additions:

  • 10138 M&P BODYGUARD 38 – CT Integral Laser – MA Compliant 1.9″ $539.00
  • 10140 MODEL 642 LaserMax Laser 1-7/8″ $539.00
  • 10141 MODEL M&P 9 Shield – CT Green Laserguard 3.1″ $589.00
  • 10147 MODEL M&P 40 Shield – CT Green Laserguard 3.1″ $589.00
  • 150922 MODEL M&P 9 Threaded Barrel Kit 4-1/4″ $669.00
  • 150923 MODEL M&P 45 Threaded Barrel Kit 4-1/4″ $719.00
  • 10123 MODEL M&P 9 Compact – Carbon Fiber (CF) 3-1/2″ $599.00
  • 10191 MODEL M&P 9 Compact – Flat Dark Earth (FDE) 3-1/2″ $569.00
  • 10121 MODEL M&P 9 CF 4-1/4″ $599.00
  • 10188 MODEL M&P 9 FDE 4-1/4″ $569.00
  • 10124 MODEL M&P 40 Compact – CF 3-1/2″ $599.00
  • 10190 MODEL M&P 40 Compact – FDE 3-1/2″ $569.00
  • 10122 MODEL M&P 40 – CF 4-1/4″ $599.00
  • 10189 MODEL M&P 40 – FDE 4-1/4″ $569.00

Springfield Armory also has some new 9mm 1911s coming out.

Crimson Trace has announced new Lasergrips for round butt Smith & Wesson J-frame revolvers. These new black grips, the LG-350 and LG-350G, will have recoil-reducing soft rubber panels, while the center portion of the grips will be rigid. Both red ($319) and green ($399) laser versions will be available.

Magpul‘s new D60 AR magazine is a 60-round drum with a window to show load level, can be inserted on a closed bolt, and locks the bolt back on empty.

The new Mauser M98 Magnum features a newly designed, ergonomically improved, horizontal 3-position safety, acting directly on the firing pin, pillar beddings, double recoil lugs, long extractor controlled feeding, Double Square Bridge system, windage and elevation adjustable 2 leaf Express sight with improved sight picture. .375 H&H, .338 Lapua Mag., .416 Rigby, .450 Dakota, 458 Lott, or .500 Jeffrey. Other calibers on request. $12,495.

Meprolight R4E SeriesMeprolight has a new line of fiber optic and tritium pistol (limited models) sights, to provide enough brightness day or night. $139. Meprolight’s MEPRO R4E series of tritium pistol (limited models) sights are based on R4 Evolution’s Optimized Duty Sight and are “designed by Special Forces veterans.” They are claimed to provide a “clearer sight picture and faster shots” by use of multiple horizontal and vertical alignment lines that “enable exceptionally quick target acquisition.” I’m no expert, but they don’t look clear or fast to me, just busy. $189.

Wilson Combat has announced its new large format BILLet-AR rifles in .308 Winchester, offered in 14.7″ (with pinned muzzle device), 16″, 18″, and 20″ barrel versions, as light as 7.7 lb. Base price $2995. has complete AR rifles for $499.

The FLIR ONE Personal Thermal Imager camera mounts to the iPhone 5 and provides unprecedented imaging capability. Inteliscope’s new mount attaches to a standard Picatinny rail and cradles the FLIR One unit. The FLIR unit is not intended to be used as a riflescope, so it should be mounted at the three- or nine-o’clock position to be used as an accessory to optics or iron sights. The FLIR ONE retails for just $349 and the Inteliscope mount is sold separately for $129.

EM Tactical‘s EM3 mount enables you to quickly add and remove “optical” sights from almost any pistol with an under-rail.

Lipsey‘s has an exclusive Ruger Bearcat with adjustable sights. SS or blue.

Interesting shotshell loads — I’ve recently found that Spartan is producing a 20 gauge load of #1 buckshot (most 20 ga. buck is #3), Rio has/had a 20 gauge load of size T (0.20″) LEAD shot (I have some ordered), and GB has/had a 28 gauge load of size BB LEAD shot. These sorts of loads are great for larger pest/varmint/predator control. Rio also makes a .410 load with #12 shot for tiny pests.

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