1 pro-gun and 3 anti-gun bills in Congress

US Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-VA) introduced H.R. 131, a bill that would more comprehensively address the legal interstate transportation of firearms and ammunition for law-abiding gun owners. Current federal law (Firearm Owners Protection Act) guarantees the right of law-abiding persons to transport (unloaded in a locked case, not carry) firearms between two interstate locations where they have a legal right to possess them, regardless of state or local laws that would otherwise apply. Unfortunately, anti-gun local officials are using onerous state licensing and prohibition laws to harass and prosecute travelers who have made every effort to comply with the law, resulting in seized guns that are sometimes never returned, delayed travel, legal fees, and sometimes even unnecessary guilty pleas.

Nutball US Rep. Mike Honda (D-CA) has introduced three anti-gun bills:

  • The Home Assembled Firearms Restriction Act would outlaw the sale, manufacture and import of so called “80 percent lowers,” the unfinished receivers that are used in legal home gun assembly. In other words, a gun ban. It was co-sponsored by seven other Democrats.
  • The Homemade Firearms Accountability Act would mandate that all home built firearms have a permanent unique serial number and are reported to ATF for entry into their databases (gun registration).
  • The Responsible Body Armor Possession Act would ban so-called “enhanced body armor,” defined as “any wearable armor including helmets or shields that offer a ballistic protection of Type (sic) III or above” as determined by National Institute of Justice standards. Exemptions for the “Only Ones,” no doubt.

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