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2019 Mississippi Gun Bills Update

February 6, 2019 Special Edition

Apologies to list members not in Mississippi.

Not guaranteed to be complete, or even completely accurate.

You can read the bills and keep up with their status here. Go to Legislation. See All Measures (Not Dead).

The following 3 bills were passed by their respective committees and move to the full House or Senate calendar for a vote. The next legislative deadline is Thursday, Feb. 14, for a floor vote in the originating chamber. All other bills previously listed are apparently dead. Beware that language from dead bills might later be inserted into still-alive bills dealing with the same part of state law.

HB 21
Rep. Shirley
Passed Jud B, goes to full House

Makes the murder of a utility worker a capital offense.

HB 390
Rep. Bounds
Passed Jud B, goes to full House

Clarifies that “qualified retired law enforcement officers” mentioned in the church security law may be members of an armed church security program, and are eligible for the civil immunity provided under the law. 

HB 397
Rep. Scoggin
Passed Jud A, goes to full House

Allows law enforcement agencies to use proceeds from the sales of seized weapons to be used at their discretion rather than only to buy body armor.

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