Surgeon General nomination

Politico is reporting that Democrats may use their lasts days in control of the US Senate to push through confirmation of President Obama’s controversial anti-gun nominee to be the next US Surgeon General.

The nominee, Vivek Murthy, a British-born surgeon and Obama supporter, says that crimes committed with a gun are a health care issue and wants the government to draft doctors nationwide into the gun control debate. His non-profit Doctors for America has called for ammunition purchasing limits, gun bans and national gun registration. Those views sank his nomination earlier this year as Senate Democrats worried about reelection pulled their support, but now lame duck red state Democrats are free to support Murthy since many lost their seats and won’t face voters again over the gun issue, basically proving the voters right.

The Senate may vote on Murthy’s confirmation late this week before Congress recesses for the year, and may hang around until next week to finish this up.

Gabby’s group says to call 1-888-556-4737 to voice support for the Murthy nomination. I suggest you call and oppose.

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