How gun control works in the UK

According to, one in five crimes in the UK is not recorded by police. Nearly a million offenses a year are ignored by politically-correct officers.

And so it goes in gun control utopia. First, you disarm civilians in the name of public safety. Then you claim (lie) that it worked, even though it didn’t. Because the general public must not, under any circumstances, take responsibility for their own safety. That power, once reclaimed, leads all kinds of anti-statist ideas (e.g., individual liberty). So the Powers That Be direct the troops to cook the books. (Just like they did in New York City and Chicago.) Socialist banners on both sides of the pond celebrate the fictional victory of “common sense” gun control, ignoring the rapes, assaults and murders that are a direct result of their agenda.

According to the article:

  • More than 800,000 crimes REPORTED to police go unrecorded every year.
  • A quarter of sexual offences not recorded and around 200 rapes dismissed.
  • A third of violent crime is not logged, with some 250 offences ignored.
  • Inspectorate of Constabulary describes it as “poor and indefensible.”
  • Survey of 17,000 officers found a fifth felt pressured to not record a crime.

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