December 5, 2014 product highlights

Ruger has a new LCRx version rated for +P .38 Special with a 3-inch barrel, adjustable sights and a full-length Hogue grip. Now THAT’s a kit gun. $529. There’s also the new LCR-9 based on the .357 Magnum model of the LCR with a steel frame rather than aluminum, weighing 17.2 oz. has some S&W and Bushmaster ARs priced at $560.

CrossBreed has its new Speedloader Case, designed to firmly hold the speedloader centered over the belt for concealability, yet release it instantly. Handcrafted from a premium American tanned leather, the Speedloader Case is currently offered only to fit most popular 5-shot .38/.357 speedloaders. Available in Black Cowhide ($36.95) or Natural Horsehide ($38.95).

SureFire’s new UDR Dominator LED flashlight boasts a maximum output of 2,400 lumens, along with eight other output levels down to 14 lumens. It has a 3″ bezel and is 11.6″ long. It can be powered by an included lithium-ion rechargeable battery or by twelve disposable 123A batteries, monitored by a built-in, color-coded LED fuel gauge. The light can be charged via an AC wall socket or a DC vehicle socket. Yes, I want one. $1370. I don’t want it that much.

MTR Custom Leather has some good looking elephant and shark gun belts, among many other nice items.

Hornady has the new Lock-N-Load Bolt Ball, a large target/tactical style bolt knob with a Hornady logo that fits most bolt action rifles with round bolt handles with no bolt alteration.

Kalashnikov Concern, current makers of the famed AK-47 rifle, has given the rifle a makeover. Kalashnikov, Baikal, and Izhmash, sub divisions of Kalashnikov Group (now “Concern” apparently), have changed their brand logos as unveiled at an industrial meeting in Moscow. Actually, it looks like the corporate image, not the rifle, is getting the makeover.

Lone Wolf Distributors reportedly has the new Ultimate Adjustable Trigger (UAT) for Glocks, a “completely drop in” fully adjustable trigger. The company claims it can eliminate all trigger take-up and over-travel. The system is adjustable while installed in the pistol. Our report states that currently, the company is not offering assemblies for the Glock 20, 21, 29, 30, 41 and 42 due to a shortage in parts. Kits for all other pistols, from the G17 to the G39, are being made. The MSRP is $74.95 less a current $25 discount with the discount code of “UATWEB.” I was unable to confirm any of this on their website. User-adjusted triggers are typically not recommended on defensive firearms.

I’ve just become aware of Cross Canyon Arms through an article in Rifle magazine. They make high grade custom rifles in your choice of 373 different cartridges and have their own proprietary line of very high performance chamberings. Not cheap.

Cooper Firearms has the new Custom Classic bolt rifle in a muzzleloader version, the Model 22ML. If you’re not familiar with Cooper, you should be.

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