December 19, 2014 product highlights

From Ruger:

  • A Prescott, AZ, 150th Anniversary commemorative LC9s with an engraved slide.
  • The new LC9s Pro, a version of the pistol without a manual thumb safety. (S&W deleted the thumb safety from its Shield pistol earlier this year.)
  • Some rare, unusual, discontinued, or one-of-a-kind Ruger firearms and accessories on Gunbroker.
  • The new BX-Trigger, touted to be a light (2.5-3 lb.), crisp, drop-in replacement trigger assembly for all Ruger 10/22 rifles and 22 Charger pistols. $90. The original triggers are around 8+ lb. We don’t know why they didn’t use a good trigger from the beginning.

The Gunsite M77 Scout Rifle with a lightweight, black composite stock, which the bolt rifle’s weight to 6-1/4 lb., 3/4 lb less than the laminate wood stock version. This new version features a forward aluminum bedding block and rear aluminum pillar that anchor the receiver and free float the 16.1″ barrel, which has a removable radial port muzzle brake. The new composite stock, available on right-hand rifles chambered in .308 Win., features the adjustable length of pull found (12.75″-14.25″) on all models of the current Gunsite Scout Rifle.

Defensive Use of Firearms, revised and updated (2010). Free autograph if you purchase direct.

The AR-15 Max Rail (Picatinny). Provisions for straight-up and left and right tilted offset (45 degrees) optics/accessories. Up to 46 (x3) slots.

Guard Dog Security has tactical flashlights with built-in stun guns.

Box of 80% alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives (BATFE) kit.

The Palm Pistol. Looks sorta like an asthma inhaler. Not FDA approved.


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