David Gregory follow up

You may recall that former NBC Meet the Press host David Gregory waved an illegal-to-posses high-capacity ammunition magazine at NRA EVP Wayne LaPierre in a post-Newtown interview. The display was a clear and undeniable violation of D.C. Code Section 7-2506.01(b) banning the possession of high capacity ammo mags, a class D FELONY.

But nothing happened to perpetrator Gregory. Judicial Watch has learned through FOIA requests that the D.C. police warned NBC not to use a real mag but a picture, and when NBC and Gregory ignored the advice, police actually issued an arrest warrant for Mr. Gregory.

But then D.C. Attorney General Irvin B. Nathan sent a letter to NBC saying that his office would not prosecute Gregory, “despite the clarity of the violation of this important law.” The Attorney General added, “There is no doubt of the gravity of the illegal conduct in this matter….”

So they said it’s OK for a high-powered left-wing gun-banning liberal media nutball to commit a felony crime on national TV, but woe be it unto any of us regular people who are caught with such a magazine in our bedroom closet.

And let’s not forget that Gregory’s high-powered lawyer wife (who apparently didn’t have sense enough to advise him not to do that), cozied up to AG Nathan to get special treatment.

Perhaps General Nathan and Mr. Gregory should be cellmates. Works for me.

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