Product highlights for Nov. 14, 2014

We reported several weeks ago on the new Browning .380 ACP version of its reduced-size 1911 pistol, which is 85% of the size of a full-size 1911, similar to their 1911-.22 version. It has now occurred to me that this 85% gun may be a great platform for a 9mm version. Whaddaya say, Browning?

Yet another AR-15 caliber choice in the works is the .375 Reaper, effectively a shortened and necked down .308 case for a .375″ bullet. The round will fit standard AR15 magazines, but a 30 round magazine only holds 15 rounds of .375 Reaper. All that the end user would need to replace would be the bolt and barrel to be able to accept the new round. No ballistic data yet, but guesses say ~200 grains @ ~2300-2400 fps. In other words, approximately a .375 Winchester.

New product sneak peeks from the NASGW:

Some new Colt 1911 models for 2015.
There are also 3 Wiley Clapp models now – the O4840WC Lightweight Commander®, the O1911WC Government Model®, and the O9840WC Concealed Carry Officers Model®, available through TALO Distributors.

Techna Clip has knife-style belt clips for handguns (like the ones on small Kel-Tec and Ruger pocket pistols). Available for Ruger LCP, LC380, LC9 (but NOT LC9s), Springfield XD and XDs, most Glocks, Beretta Nano, S&W Bodyguard, Sig Sauer P238 and P938. Left side models for some. $34.95.

Remember that these allow carry with no trigger guard protection, which is generally a very bad idea.

The JOX Loader Pouch is a low profile, sort of skeletonized Kydex speed loader carrying case that clips over and hooks under your belt. Available for the following J-, K-, and D-frame speed loaders:

  • HKS
  • Buffer Technology’s JetLoader
  • Safariland’s Comp I, II, & III
  • SL Variant

$43 each, plus $6 shipping for up to 5 pouches. 10% discount for military or LEO.

John Barsness has a new book out called Modern Hunting Optics, considered an update to his previous excellent Optics for the Hunter.

Predator Gear has launched the first and only dry suit made specifically for hunting, with a neoprene neck seal, latex wrist seals and completely waterproof zippers to keep you dry. That sure sounds better than going in ice water over the top of your waders at 4 a.m.

Molon Labe Jewelry

I am a big fan of HiViz brand fiber optic shotgun sights. Now they are getting into the Tritium night sight business with their NITESIGHTS handgun sights.

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