Election follow up

Some observations…

True to predictions, liberal anti-gun President Obama was in Democratic US Senate candidate Travis Childers’ corner in MS. The day before the election I received a robocall from the President asking me to vote for his friend Travis Childers. The South MS Tea Party also showed its true colors by endorsing Childers in the general election.

I wore an NRA cap and showed my CCW license as ID at the poll. No problems there (Hinds County, MS).

CCW with the enhanced license (except at police stations) and open carry with no license are legal at polling places in MS, including schools. But that doesn’t guarantee you won’t be arrested.

Hinds County Judge Bill Skinner, who is our choice, will apparently face an opponent in a runoff election Nov. 25.

In Arizona’s 2nd congressional district, incumbent Democrat Rep. Ron Barber trails Republican Martha McSally by a handful of votes. It’s possible that Barber will be able to make up the difference, as there are still uncounted ballots as of this writing.

You may recall that Barber won election to the seat after its previous representative, Gabby Giffords, resigned in 2012 due to physical injury and brain damage. As district director for Giffords, Barber was wounded in the same 2011 Tucson attack that severely wounded Giffords and killed six other people.

We now learn that Gabby’s gun control group, Americans for Responsible Solutions spent nearly a third of all of the group’s outside spending on Barber’s re-election bid, about $2 million.

Meanwhile, some say Bloomie “wasted $50 million” on the elections. Others disagree.


In response to the election’s crimson tide, President Obama pledged to do whatever he wants and ignore any legislation he doesn’t like… so no change. But there is hope…

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