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2016 Mississippi Gun Bills

2016 Mississippi Gun Bills

2A News Special Alert — February 28, 2016 2016 Mississippi Gun Bills (with apologies to list members not in MS) I missed the first deadline due to the Legislature changing its schedule. Next deadline: March 3 for original floor action.  I will try to send updates after major deadlines.  You can view bills at http://www.legislature.ms.gov/Pages/default.aspx under “Legislation.”… Continue Reading

Gun “safety” as gun control

US Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) says he wants the $580 million Army contract to replace its handguns, to include two “safety” provisions — the winning bidder must develop “smart gun” technology, and must cut off business ties with the “1 percent” of gun dealers that sell guns to criminals. I have two words for potential… Continue Reading

CDC amendment authorizing gun violence ‘study’ rejected

The US House of Representatives Appropriations Committee has rejected an amendment that would have allowed the virulently anti-gun Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to study the “underlying causes” of “gun violence,” as if it were a disease carried by germs. As if to illustrate why this is necessary, a new “study” by the anti-gunners… Continue Reading

MS CCW law change

Reminder that the new Mississippi “purse carry” law, which allows concealed carry in a bag without ANY permit, took effect July 1, so it is now legal. It also appears to me that this is a legal way to carry concealed into the list of places that the regular permit (or the enhanced permit) does… Continue Reading

Lawful Purpose in Self Defense Act. Handgun Trigger Safety Act.

Lawful Purpose in Self Defense Act H.R. 2710, the Lawful Purpose in Self Defense Act, has been introduced by US Rep. Rob Bishop (R-UT) along with some 50 co-sponsors. It would: eliminate ATF’s authority to reclassify popular rifle ammunition as “armor piercing” ammunition; provide for the lawful importation of any non-National Firearms Act firearm or… Continue Reading

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