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…majority of the NRA Board of Directors should go to jail. Media Massacres Are mass killings media-driven? Yes, according to University of Alabama researcher Dr. Adam Lankford. But we must note that Lankford is noted as being anti-gun and some…

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…“Findings indicate that the mass killers received approximately $75 million in media coverage value, and that for extended periods following their attacks they received more coverage than professional athletes and only slightly less than television and film stars.” — Adam

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…courts and judges like these. Study If you’ve heard about a “more guns, more crime” study by Adam Lankford, a criminal justice professor at the University of Alabama, published in the journal Violence and Victims, don’t worry about it. Junk…

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Adam Lankford claimed. Dept. of Idiocy “The danger presented by downloadable guns is magnified by the fact that many of these guns can be printed entirely in plastic, so metal detectors won’t catch them. As school administrators around the country…

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…Wyoming to Salt Lake City to be closer to his treatment facility. Donations would be helpful. Liars Dr. John Lott nails lying researcher to the wall. (Dr. Adam Lankford, of the University of Alabama) Enemies Chase Bank (J.P. Morgan Chase…


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…Authority train early Thursday when the guard’s pocket-carried gun accidentally discharged, striking both of them, police said. Enemies and Liars Anti-gun “researcher” Adam Lankford caught lying (.pdf link). Again. Still. Oops, they did it again. CBS re-airs footage of Italian…