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Judge David Counts of the U.S. District Court for west Texas has ruled (pdf link to case) that the federal law banning those under felony indictments from buying guns is unconstitutional, saying the Second Amendment is not a second class right. One commenter notes that the Gun Control Act of 1968 not only prohibits firearm purchases by those only under indictment for – but not yet convicted of – felonies, it also bans them for those under information – not yet even indicted – for felonies. The Justice Department plans to appeal to the Fifth Circuit.

Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steven McCraw has appealed the North Texas U.S. District Court’s Andrews v. McCraw decision, which correctly held that Texas’ ban on handgun carry by young adults aged 18-20 is unconstitutional under the Second Amendment.

Gun Owners of America and Gun Owners Foundation have re-filed a federal lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of New York over the new Concealed Carry Improvement Act (CCIA), which took effect September 1st after New York had to dump its illicit “proper cause” requirement. Several additional plaintiffs who are willing to break the law or are currently in violation have joined the lawsuit, which was originally filed on behalf of a GOA member from Schenectady County, and which was dismissed by Chief Judge Glenn T. Suddaby on the grounds of lack of standing. The CCIA requires concealed carry permit applicants to, among other things, display “good moral character,” disclose their social media accounts for review, have in-person interviews with law enforcement, provide four “character references” and take 18 hours of combined training, up from the previous 4-hour requirement.

Legislation & regulation

political meme

GOA warns of gun control hidden in federal funding bill. As usual. You can read about it and influence your lawmakers here.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation has denounced the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s illicit Final Rule that offered hunters a “bait-and-switch” deal that banned the use of traditional ammunition for opening 18 national wildlife refuges for new hunting and fishing opportunities. It’s probably time to take some of this nonsense to court.

How gun registration works


It looks to me like a majority of the NRA Board of Directors should go to jail.

Media Massacres

Are mass killings media-driven? Yes, according to University of Alabama researcher Dr. Adam Lankford. But we must note that Lankford is noted as being anti-gun and some of his past declarations have been soundly discredited. Do a search on his name at the 2anews.net website for examples.

Visualizing the 2021 National Firearms Survey

DGU vs. Gun Murder (chart)

Gun Free Zones

Chevron: “Just give them what they want.” And die.

Papal doublespeak

In an abrupt apparent about-face, virulently anti-gun Catholic Pope Francis said last week that it was morally legitimate for nations to supply weapons to Ukraine to help the country defend itself from Russian aggression, adding that the motivation is what in large part qualifies the morality of the action. My question is who is this guy and what did he do with the real Pope Francis?


A coalition of 24 Republican state attorneys general has warned the chief executive officers of three major credit card companies that the recent creation of a Merchant Category Code for the processing of firearms purchases from gun stores is potentially a violation of consumer protection and antitrust laws. (Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wyoming, West Virginia)

Florida says it will move to penalize companies involved in the credit card scam targeting civil rights.

Confirmed: Venezuela Sending Violent Prisoners Across Our Southern Border

Did Ozzie leave yet? I’m tired of holding my breath.

The Only Ones

San Diego County (CA) Sheriff’s Office Detective Francisco Acero Jr. and Deputy Alan Campagna allegedly bought AK-47-style rifles at an unauthorized location without waiting the mandatory 10 days and without filling out the proper paperwork. Evidence of the crimes was discovered during a long-term corruption investigation of the sheriff’s office, which has already resulted in other deputies pleading guilty to charges of illegal off-roster gun sales charges at the sheriff’s department.

Martin County, FL, Sheriff’s Deputy and School Resource Officer David Johnson was dry firing his Glock handgun in his office at Treasure Coast Classical Academy when he fired a round that passed through the wall into an occupied classroom. No casualties.

An unidentified Detroit cop tried to shoot a toothless barking dog on its own property but shot his partner instead.

The Bastrop County (TX) Sheriff’s Office is auctioning off some seized firearms. Discovered in the collection is at least one unregistered NFA item, an “Any Other Weapon.” That is a federal felony carrying a 10-year federal prison sentence and a $250,000 fine. Oops. No word on prosecution.



Don’t answer the door

Ayoob. Old but relevant.

Home Alone movie pic


The US Department of Justice/Bureau of Statistics shows response time by law enforcement to aggravated assault crimes runs between six minutes to an hour, and in over 48% of those crimes, it was over 11 minutes, or perhaps 10 minutes after you’re dead.

Emergency phone not installed

Bad local gunsmith?

Customers and a former employee of 144 Tactical, LLC, a gun shop in Florence, MS, and owned by Shawn Morris, are accusing the owner of damaging their guns.

I do not have any personal experience with this business, which apparently has a second location on Grants Ferry Road in Brandon. While the news item speaks for itself, I cannot independently verify the claimed facts. Google reviews on their gunsmith work – excluding sales, etc. – seem to agree that the store’s AR-15s are well-assembled, but the actual gunsmith work is ranked much lower.

I have some general observations:

  • We apparently have very few (like 1 or 2) actual for-real gunsmiths open for business in the Jackson, MS area.
  • There is no widely accepted standard certification or qualification program for gunsmiths. Anyone with an FFL can buy a lathe and milling machine and hang out a shingle claiming to be a gunsmith and go into the gunsmith business. That doesn’t make him one. Buying a hammer doesn’t make one a craftsman. If you are fortunate enough to discover a member of a legitimate gunsmith’s guild, you have struck gold.
  • Local gun stores which claim to do gunsmith work, mostly don’t. They are, by most reports I’ve heard, either amateur hacks with machinery or they send the work out to a real gunsmith. The latter is a good thing. These stores may do minor things in house, like scope and sling mounting or assembling AR-15 rifles. Many can’t use a screwdriver. You don’t want them approaching your gun with any sort of cutting, drilling or grinding tool.
  • I stay away altogether from businesses that seem to primarily assemble ARs.
  • You should probably look for a dedicated gunsmith shop that sells mostly services, not a gun store that sells mostly products.
  • You have been warned.



Show off

Record shot?

We have a report of a team of shooters and spotters who made a rifle shot at 7744 yards in west Texas. But it took 69 attempts while using spotters to walk the shots into the target, after which they said it was not repeatable. Considering the odds of a random connection with that many shots and the admitted lack of ability to actually hit what they’re aiming at after they get sighted in, I’m calling this one a miss.



We have a report that 7.62×39, and particularly 5.45×39 (Soviet) rifle ammunition is currently in short supply in the U.S. Ammunition in these two calibers that is manufactured in eastern Europe is all going to the current Ukraine War and armed conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia. While some is manufactured here, very little of the foreign-manufactured supply is currently being imported. That’s why we told you to stock up.

Flowershells. This is weird, but makes gardening more fun.

Tokarev USA’s has introduced its new sporting shotgun, the APEX Field. It is a semi-automatic based on a gas operated piston design with a 3.5″ chamber, we assume in 12 ga. It features checkered Turkish Walnut furniture and matte black chrome finish, and a 26″ or 28″ vent rib barrel threaded for Benelli/Beretta Mobil choke tubes. $380.

Norma’s new TAC-22 Subsonic 40-grain ammunition has a lead round nose hollow point bullet and an advertised muzzle velocity of 1,017 fps.


“I didn’t need a new shotgun. I had an over-and-under, two actually. I had a semi-auto 12ga. And, I had 12ga pump. So, why did I buy another? Simple. One is none, as we all know, but what’s not as commonly well known is that four is also none. It’s a fact, look it up.” – Paul Erhardt

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