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Mexico murder rate reaches new high as violence rages amid COVID-19 spread

It seems that business burglaries are up significantly in some US jurisdictions, due to business neighborhoods being emptied out during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Islamic terrorists have reportedly NOT “isolated at home.”

In other news, US gun shop shelves are reportedly looking like supermarket TP aisles, with both guns and ammo selling out. There are also reports of a primer shortage. Many of you will remember the first one.

The Mississippi Department of Public Safety announced expiration date extensions to concealed weapon and security guard permits. All firearm permits and security guard permits with an expiration date beginning on March 14, 2020, and thereafter, will be extended until the State of Emergency Declaration has been canceled.

Likewise, the Illinois State Police has extended expiring FOID cards and CCW permits.



The National Rifle Association has laid off dozens of employees as it faces financial hardships caused by the Coronavirus outbreak, and I suspect, due to lower donations from members dissatisfied with how EVP Wayne LaPierre and the Board of Directors have been mismanaging things.


Dick’s Sporting Goods announced that most of its 40,000 employees are going to be furloughed starting Easter Sunday. In many states under stay-at-home orders, sporting goods stores aren’t considered essential businesses, and with Dick’s removing firearms and ammunition from hundreds of its stores, any exemption for firearm retailers won’t apply to many of its locations. I hate it for the employees, but Dick’s CEO Ed Stack cut his own off.

Meanwhile, actual gun stores are drowning in customers and sold out.


Bump stocks, Part II

The Second Amendment Foundation has some 40 legal actions going on across the country at this time. Send them some help.

SCOTUS considering Rodriguez v. San Jose, a California case in which the issue before the court is whether or not a woman’s Second Amendment rights were violated when police seized her firearms and refused to return them, because they believed her husband to be a danger to himself or others.

The Only Ones

An unidentified 24-year veteran Kansas City, MO, police officer negligently shot his neighbor when his service weapon “unintentionally” fired inside his home.

Archi Duenas, 33, the manager of a gun store at the Los Angeles Police Academy has been arrested for allegedly stealing firearms and selling them to several officers and an L.A. County sheriff’s deputy. Duenas was booked on suspicion of felony grand theft on March 20 after nearly 40 firearms disappeared from the gun store.

An unidentified security guard and a 16-year-old girl were shot and wounded on a Chicago Transit Authority train early Thursday when the guard’s pocket-carried gun accidentally discharged, striking both of them, police said.

Enemies and Liars

Anti-gun “researcher” Adam Lankford caught lying (.pdf link). Again. Still.

Oops, they did it again. CBS re-airs footage of Italian hospital after blaming first incident on “editing mistake.”

A convert, or just a hypocrite?

I’m One of Those Anti-Gun People Who Just Bought His First Firearm


2.3 Million additional acres of public land to be opened for hunting, fishing


GIRL Scout gun training. Y’all got cookies with that?


Watch that cylinder gap


Military ammo changes



BoTach Tactical has Maelstrom Military Combat Side Zip Boots for just $20. Closed until after Easter.

Choke Hold delayed dispersion shotshells

Sig Sauer’s premier P220 Legion pistol is available in 10mm, in SAO or DA/SA actions.

Ruger and Silencer Shop have entered into a distribution agreement for Ruger’s suppressor line. The Ruger® Silent-SR® and Silent-SR 10/22 Takedown® Integrally Suppressed Barrel are available immediately on or through any “Powered by Silencer Shop” Dealer.

“The power of the state is measured by the power that men surrender to it.”

Felix Morley

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