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Your feelings vs. my constitutional rights

Senior U.S. District Court Judge Robert E. Payne of the District Court for Eastern Virginia has ruled that the federal law banning FFL sales of handguns to otherwise qualified adults aged 18-20 is unconstitutional.  I haven’t yet read the whole 71-page decision, but it looks like Judge Payne really put the screws to the ATF and to gun banners in general.  The case is Fraser v. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and it will likely be appealed to the anti-gun Fourth Circuit Court of appeals.

Notable (and sometimes laughable) about this case:

  • The government claimed that the plaintiffs lacked standing because they could get a parent to make a straw purchase for them.
  • The government also tried to claim that the men didn’t have standing since federal law doesn’t block them from buying a handgun in a private sale.
  • The government tried to argue that there is no right to buy guns.
  • The government argued that there is no right to buy a handgun from a particular source.

Gun Owners of America, Gun Owner Foundation, and several Texas young adults have filed suit in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Wichita Falls Division, over provisions in the Bi-partisan Safer Communities Act that require an enhanced background check and sale delays for guy buyers under the age of 21, challenging the process on Second and Fifth Amendment grounds.

Chief Judge Renee Marie Bumb of the U.S. District Court for New Jersey has granted an injunction against New Jersey’s new gun control law, which she said is “plainly unconstitutional” and “went too far,” after the state declared nearly everywhere as a “sensitive” area.  The case is Koons v. Platkin.

The NRA-ILA, SAF, FPC and others have filed lawsuits against the state of Maryland after Gov. Wes Moore (D) signed SB 1 and HB 824.  SB 1 is a sensitive places expansion that prevents residents with a CCW permit from carrying or transporting a firearm on private property without permission, and it bans people from carrying firearms in areas such as schools, polling places, sports complexes or where alcohol is served.  HB 824 significantly raises CCW application and renewal fees, expands requirements for firearms training courses, requires that applicants submit two sets of fingerprints, and increases the age to lawfully possess a firearm from 18 to 21.

Gov. Wes Moore (D)


On June 1st, Joe Biden’s unconstitutional administrative pistol brace ban will go into effect, outlawing 40 million firearms with the attached devices.  You can urge your U.S. Representative to OVERTURN Biden’s pistol ban by passing H.J. Res. 44 as soon as possible, here.

And you can urge your Representative to repeal all of the recent federal gun control bills here.  Congresswoman Boebert’s Shall Not Be Infringed Act will repeal gun control provisions & every 2A infringement passed by the 117th Congress & signed into law by Joe Biden.


How Democrats Are Shooting Themselves In The Foot On Gun Control

Democrats: arm Ukraine; disarm America



  • How to tell if a “news” source is biased?  They use adjectives in their story titles.
  • How to get rid of ATF?  Well, if we got rid of every unconstitutional law that they enforce, they would have nothing to do.


A “witness” to the Allen, Texas, mall shooting who has called for gun control in the aftermath of the tragedy has had his account disputed by Texas police, who say his account wasn’t truthful.

The Only Ones

  • Thomas Abrahamsen, 50, an 18-year veteran officer of the San Francisco Police Department, was arrested last week on one felony count of manufacture of an “assault weapon” and one felony count of possession of an “assault weapon,” namely a home-assembled AR-15.


Remember last week’s story about the two leftist Democrats who got into a gunfight with each other?  It turns out that their employer bans guns.  Go figure.  It also turns out that the deceased gunfighter was legally barred from carrying a gun and his killing was ruled self defense.



Effectively dealing with terrorists


Tactics & Stuff


GunBroker.com is the third-largest auction site on the internet, right after eBay and eBay Motors. It’s counted among the top 400 most popular websites ever. That’s probably my fault.



“I’m sick of hearing people talk about how them executions over at Huntsville ain’t a deterrent to murders. That there’s a red herring.  You don’t shoot a rabid dog to teach other rabid dogs a lesson. You shoot him so he don’t bite nobody else. I guarantee you something from 90 years of life now: You put down some murderin’ sum*****, he won’t never murder nobody again. Ain’t that deterrent enough? Have people now got no sense no more, or no guts, or neither one?” – from a great-grandfather in East Texas

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