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NRA Board election ballot return envelope address issue. Check yours.


Indiana, where the Demanding Mommies group was founded, has now passed Constitutional Carry into law. That makes 24 states with Constitutional Carry.

Follow-up on Ohio permitless carry law.

Meanwhile in South Dakota after SB 212 takes effect in July, all the CCW permit fees, including those for fingerprints, will be reduced to zero, although applicants for the Enhanced permits will still have to cover training costs paid to certified instructors.

Update: 10 of those 15 states have now passed permitless carry.

Everytown brag


Judge Jackson

The Illinois Supreme Court is being asked for a second time to decide whether a state law requiring gun owners to have a firearm permit is unconstitutional – a question the court previously declined to answer. I can answer that.

At a traffic stop for overly tinted windows, a police officer smelled marijuana, and indeed found marijuana in the car. He also found a lot of cash, which was seized, on the theory that it was likely to be drug proceeds. “No,” said Chief U.S. District Judge Martin Reidinger (W.D.N.C.) in U.S. v. Approximately $13,205.54 in U.S. Currency Seized from Rahkim Franklin. It’s about durn time.

SCOTUS and the Fourth Circus’s skewed application of the Heller decision.

The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is set to hear arguments this week in an NRA-backed case challenging a Florida law that prevents people under age 21 from legally buying rifles and other long guns.

New Mississippi Attorney General’s opinion (pdf), mostly about felons and knives.

F Troop


142 U.S. House Republicans and 24 U.S. Senate Republicans have sent letters to the ATF regarding the Bureau’s blatant overstep of authority with regards to their recent Form 1 denials. Also in a recent letter sent to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland and ATF Acting Director Marvin Richardson, 20 U.S. Senators called out the ATF for its practice of passing internal guidance and then enforcing it on an unsuspecting public. If they could get a few more votes, maybe they could abolish the ATF and the laws it claims to enforce.

ATF Targeting FFLs for License Revocation – see also Firm Helps Gun Dealers Fight Back Against Biden’s Weaponization of ATF in War on Gun Dealers

The ATF lied to persecute Polymer80

And meanwhile in Jackson County, MS, a man is facing federal charges from the ATF after agents say he maliciously set fire to a cell tower. Because the ATF doesn’t know the difference between fires and firearms, I suppose.

More on the NRA debacle


The U.S. has determined that Russian troops have committed war crimes in Ukraine, said Secretary of State Antony Blinken, citing evidence of indiscriminate or deliberate attacks against civilians and the destruction of apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, shopping centers and other sites.

The U.S. also has “credible information” Russians are creating lists of Ukrainians to be killed or sent to camps.

I opined before that we would be better off if Putin disappeared. Now I am saying unequivocally that we should put him down like the rabid nazi skunk he is. Ecclesiastes 3:3.

Jewish shoes - Nazi death camps


Republican senatorial candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz this week disavowed a series of columns bearing his byline arguing for gun control in a statement to Fox News Digital. Oz’s byline previously appeared in a series of articles in his “YouDocs” syndicated column co-authored with business partner Dr. Michael Roizen, who is now claiming sole authorship of the debacle. In my career, I co-authored hundreds of documents. Everyone who was involved, even peripherally in the writing, knew and agreed to the text before it was ever published publicly or internally. I think the wizard is not being truthful, and I know that he has long favored a litany of gun control measures. Oz also says he will relinquish his Turkish citizenship if he wins the U.S. Senate seat. How about giving up his U.S. citizenship and moving to Turkey instead?

Denver Broncos (and the rest of the NFL)

Guinness Refuses To Validate NRA World Record. But of course no one validated Guinness either.

Gun Control Studies

Dr. John Lott picks apart newer gun control studies.

What Really Happens When Somebody Gets Shot

Dr. Dabbs. Graphic.

“The bullet did exactly, precisely what it was supposed to do. It transited intervening barrier material unchanged and then expanded like a politician’s ego upon contact with my buddy’s soft, pink flesh. I have no idea how the SIG guys get their bullets to do that.”

The Only Ones

12-year veteran Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Levitt was arrested last week and charged with perjury, official oppression and unsworn false statements after investigators say he gave false statements and testimony in the arrest of a person accused of a firearms violation. Levitt was also suspended with the intent that he will be fired after 30 days.

Connecticut State Trooper Trainee Romello Lumpkin has been banned from a gun store in his jurisdiction after allegedly stealing a pistol magazine. Lumpkin denied knowledge and intent to take the magazine. Following the investigation, Lumpkin was suspended for violating the code of conduct. Either way, he’s either a criminal or too stupid to be a cop.


Not DGUs

Two Jackson Academy students were carjacked last week in the parking lot of Covenant Presbyterian Church on Ridgewood Road in Jackson, MS. There are no longer any “good” or “safe” areas in Jackson, one of the most dangerous, crime-ridden cities in the nation.

Meanwhile in New Orleans, another cesspool of crime, four teenagers fatally carjacked an elderly woman this week. The woman’s arm was trapped through the seatbelt of her vehicle, causing it to be ripped from her body in a fatal dismemberment during the attack.

Shooting Tip


canned goods
vintage ads

Sig Sauer’s new P322 is a U.S. designed and manufactured .22 LR pistol that is optics ready and suppressor ready right out of the box, and ships with two 20-round magazines. No price given as of this writing for the “affordable” pistol.

Remora Holsters has an interesting selection of magazine pouches, IWB or OWB, with clip and color options, etc.

Blackhawk’s new TecGrip Formlok Moldable IWB Holsters allow you to heat-form the nylon holster to fit your gun. Six sizes available, but only one for revolvers (small), and none for guns with lights. $55.

Need to stock up on Glock 17 or 19 magazines? MidwayUSA has Polymer80 brand on sale for just $9.

Remington has new Premier TSS turkey loads in 12-gauge, 20-gauge and .410 bore, and a new three-inch, 20-gauge Premier Magnum Turkey High Velocity lead load.

RWS Ammunition’s new R Plus Long Range .22 LR cartridge uses a 43-grain boat tail bullet at 1,165 fps. Coming third quarter 2022.

Mossberg’s new shotgun is the 940 Pro Tactical Optic-Ready gas operated autoloader. $1120.

Or try Girsan’s new enhanced MC312 Tactical inertia recoil operated autoloading shotgun which ups the ante with included red dot optic, pistol grip, and an MSRP of just $578.

Mo Money Pawn & Guns in Phoenix AZ offers veterans FREE incoming transfers for anything they’ve ordered online. Kudos to MMP&G.


“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.” – Benjamin Franklin

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