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NRA election & debacle

You should have your ballot in your latest (March) NRA magazine.

Please vote for Frank Tait, and only Frank Tait.

Oh, and it’s not just Wayne that’s the criminal. Turns out his wife, Susan, is too.

But there is some very good news. Judge Joel M. Cohen of the New York State Supreme Court issued an opinion this week that struck down attempts by New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) to dissolve the 150-year-old NRA, finding that she didn’t have a case for that. “In short, the Complaint does not allege the type of public harm that is the legal linchpin for imposing the ‘corporate death penalty,'” Justice Cohen wrote in his opinion. “Moreover, dissolving the NRA could impinge, at least indirectly, on the free speech and assembly rights of its millions of members.”

This DOES NOT mean that many NRA officers and Board members aren’t guilty of wrongdoing in office. They are, and the bulk of Ms. James’ lawsuit can continue against the NRA, its longtime leader Wayne LaPierre, and three other people who have served as executives with the organization.

Ukraine: Rifles vs. Russians

Ukraine rifle

To answer the old and still idiotic question: “Why do you NEED a military rifle?”

“It turned out that people are coming out, defending their homes. It wasn’t expected by analysts of the Russian General Staff.”

I’m certainly no political or military strategist, but I can’t help but think that things would be better if Biden and Harris were out of office and MUCH better if that monster Putin got “disappeared.”

Ukraine signed the Budapest Memorandum in 1994 in which Russia, Britain and the U.S. committed to refrain from attacking Ukraine in exchange for the country turning over its nuclear arsenal to Russia to be dismantled. No comment necessary.

AMMO, Inc., is the owner of GunBroker.com. NASCAR legend and former NRA officer Richard Childress, a member of AMMO, Inc.’s Board of Directors, has announced that they’re offering to donate one million rounds of ammunition to the Ukrainian military to fight the invading Russian hordes. Good luck getting Biden’s State Department to approve that export before the war is over. Childress said he is working to try to get waivers to get that ammo shipped to Ukraine. He said they will use cargo planes and private contractors to get it into the right hands.

Why you shouldn't invade America


I don’t yet know much about President Biden’s latest SCOTUS nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson, but can make some initial observations. She is, as Biden promised, a black woman. There are two remarkable things about that. First, Biden kept a promise. Second, that was a blatantly discriminatory nomination. Having said that, Ms. Jackson appears to be qualified, whatever that means. I don’t know of any Second Amendment related cases in which she’s been involved, but as groups on the right point out, given President Biden’s and Vice President Harris’s hatred of the Bill of Rights, Ms. Jackson likely will not be friendly to it, and is undoubtedly a liberal. Meanwhile, apparently all of the gun-ban groups have lined up to support the nomination, so there is our answer. While many on the right are working to defeat the nomination, you can rest assured that any replacement nominee likely won’t be any better. The good news is that Ms. Jackson is nominated to replace retiring flaming liberal Justice Stephen Breyer, so presumably the makeup of the court won’t be much worse. Possibly the worst result here, as I’ve mentioned before, is that should she be confirmed the unfortunate Ms. Jackson will effectively have an asterisk by her name as the “promised affirmative action appointment.” She will never be able to believably say she was the best or most deserving or most qualified candidate, even if she is. She will only be able to say that she was the most deserving or most qualified black female candidate. No one deserves that. Not her, not other potential candidates, and not us.

If you wish to tell your senators to vote against Ms. Jackson’s confirmation, GOA has a form for that here.

ATF pistol ban

Tentatively, ATF has scheduled Biden’s Pistol Ban for implementation in August of 2022. You can take action and send messages here.



The Only Ones

SOUTH AFRICA: A police detective who admitted he did not check a firearm that was an exhibit in a 2019 farm robbery case and fell asleep in court while in possession of the gun, was startled awake when court adjourned and mistakenly shot and killed a state’s attorney. The Scottburgh Regional Court sentenced SAPS Detective Warrant Officer, Muzi Euchalystius Mkhize, 57, to six years imprisonment, wholly suspended for a period of five years with conditions, after he pleaded guilty to culpable homicide.




The March Rangemaster (pdf) and ACLDN newsletters are out. (You may want to read the articles therein and below about insurance.)



CCW methods

Department of Idiocy


Relentless and clueless gun-banner Francis “Beto” O’Rourke has won the Democratic nomination in the Texas gubernatorial primary. To paraphrase his words, “heck no.”

Imagine starting a State of the Union speech praising armed citizens who are fighting a tyrannical government… then telling your citizens you don’t want them to be able to do the same thing just a few moments later.

And even the Associated Press found an acorn in Biden’s speech this week, calling him out as the liar he is on guns.



Blanks, etc. vs. wadcutters, etc.

This should go without saying, but we’re saying it anyway. If you don’t KNOW what the cartridge is, then it is a lethal live round with a bullet.

The genesis of Bob Lee Swagger

If you haven’t read all of Stephen Hunter’s books, get started.


Kimber recalls


The Loudener. Say what??

CALIBR is a new magazine about Black life & protection covering firearms, family, business, and politics for the African-American firearms lifestyle. From the National African American Gun Association.

FN is giving away two or three extra magazines free with the purchase any FN509 pistol variant. Those magazines ain’t cheap.

Fiocchi is expanding its Golden-series line of premium hunting shotshells with the introduction of the new Golden Turkey TSS (Tungsten Super Shot) available in following gauges/loads:

  • 12-gauge, 3-inch, #7 shot, 1 5/8-oz., 1200 fps
  • 12-gauge, 3-inch, #9 shot, 1 5/8-oz., 1200 fps
  • 20-gauge, 3-inch, #9 shot, 1 3/8-oz., 1225 fps
  • .410 bore, 3-inch, #9 shot, 13/16 oz., 1100 fps

Wilson Combat’s new 5 inch SFX9 is a 9mm 1911 pistol with a 5″ bushing barrel top-end mated with their new SF (Solid Frame) lightweight full-size aluminum grip frame design with a 15 round flush or 18 rd extended magazine capacity.

Bear Creek Arsenal, BCA AR-15 is a complete .22 Magnum Rimfire upper with a 16″ heavy barrel with a parkerized finish and 1:16″ twist rate. It includes the new 15″ MLOK rail, and a side charging (Gen 2) handle. This .22 WMR upper is compatible with any mil-spec AR-15 lower and this upper includes a 10 round Black Dog magazine and the buffer spring and buffer. $350.

Norma’s new NXD is a solid nonexpanding defensive round using one of those solid fluted copper/polymer bullets. 65 grains at 1730 fps. $1 per round.

2022 MS gun bills

Summary of remaining gun related bills this legislative session. NOT guaranteed complete.

Next deadline: March 9 for original floor action on general bills and constitutional amendments originating in other house. Since all of ours are done, I anticipate no further updates this year unless there’s a surprise.


By: Rep. Barnett
Ref: Jud. B

Slightly relaxes prohibitions on felons possessing non-firearm weapons.

By: Reps. Oliver, Aguirre, Bain, Bell (21st), Boyd, Carpenter, Crawford, Criswell, Felsher, Goodin, Gunn, Hale, Hobgood-Wilkes, Hood, Horan, Horne, Mangold, Pigott, Rushing, Wallace
Ref: Jud. B

Second Amendment Preservation Act, with exceptions for universities and colleges, beefs-up state preemption of local gun laws and prohibits enforcement of federal laws violating Second Amendment.

By: Sens. Blackwell, Barnett, Butler (36th), Butler (38th), DeLano, Hickman, Horhn, Jackson (11th), Simmons (12th), Simmons (13th)
Ref: Public Health and Welfare

This is the “medical” marijuana bill. I am only including it here as a reminder that under federal law, marijuana users are prohibited persons for guns. My understanding is that possession of a prescription or state-issued weed card may be evidence enough to trigger a federal prosecution.


If you know how many guns you have, you don’t have enough.

“When someone says they want to kill you, believe them.” – Elie Wiesel, holocaust survivor

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