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Legislation (see MS bills at bottom of newsletter)

U.S. Senator Richard “Dick” Durbin (D-IL) has announced that passing gun control will be a top priority for the Senate Judiciary Committee, which he now chairs.

Gun bills in Congress.

This is the government the Founders warned us about.

Take action against possible Red Flag laws in your state.


Like it or not, the biggest ally gun owners have on the national scene is the National Rifle Association, currently embroiled in multiple legal battles. Hopefully we can save it, which will clearly require major changes to the Board of Directors – something that the bylaws greatly inhibit. We have a report that members of the Board and the now-former CFO have said they had no prior knowledge of the organization’s plan to file bankruptcy in New York and reorganize in Texas (I doubt the Chapter 11 filing will be successful) until they read it in the media after the fact. But the Board abdicated its responsibility and unconscionably gave that authority to rogue EVP Wayne LaPierre. And now they act surprised when he exercises it. When Board elections come up every spring, remember how to bullet vote. And VOTE.

Kimber correction

We have received a report disputing our previous item about Kimber’s political positions: While Kimber CEO Leslie Edelman’s reportable political donations have apparently run predominantly to the Republican side (though not necessarily pro-gun), while former VP Ryan Busse’s run the other way.

Conservative Defense of the Second Amendment Falls Short

By Bob Barr — A LONG read, but save it and read it


A Washington Post report indicates that President Biden’s team has built an extensive pipeline of judicial nominees to fill federal court vacancies to try to undo President Trump’s accomplishments in that area. More than a third of federal appeals courts (one level below the Supreme Court) are eligible to take senior status (age 65 and 15 years of bench service), which would pave the way for liberal replacements. The report indicates that Biden intends to move quickly to fill openings that arise on courts affecting significant policies such as gun laws, and the new administration already has at least five circuit court openings to fill. Biden is worried about losing control of the Senate in the midterm elections. More are expected soon as a wave of retirements or judges taking senior status occurs. Of the more than 60 judges eligible for senior status, more than half were nominated by Democratic presidents, and legal observers expect this pool of judges to lead the way in announcing plans to step back from active service in an effort to liberalize the judiciary.


23 state attorneys general, including Lynn Fitch of Mississippi, have filed an amicus brief in the case New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Corlett, before the United States Supreme Court, supporting the right of Americans to bear arms outside of their homes. The brief makes two central arguments in defending citizens’ right to self-defense: (1) objective-issue permitting increases public safety while subjective-issue permitting like New York’s decreases public safety, and (2) the original meaning of the Second Amendment protects the right to bear arms for self-defense outside of the home.

We note that argument (1) has no real constitutional basis, except for the issue of subjective issuance of permits, which is in itself clearly unconstitutional, while (2) is pretty much absolute.


The Second Amendment Foundation has filed an amicus brief in a federal case that is trying to force BATFE to define certain firearms components, such as frame blanks or partially-manufactured frames for firearms (also commonly known as “80% frames” or “unfinished receivers”), as “firearms.” Of course if they get the 80%, you know what happens next.

The Only Ones

More than 30 members of the U.S. House of Representatives are asking their leaders if they may use their congressional allowances to augment their personal safety in their home districts by hiring local law enforcement or other security personnel. No word on them funding security for my house or yours, with OUR money.

An unidentified parole officer with the Alabama Bureau of Pardons and Paroles was injured Tuesday when he “accidentally” discharged his firearm while inside the Montgomery field office, resulting in a non life-threatening injury to himself.

Former Columbus, OH, Police Officer Adam Coy was indicted on a murder charge by a Franklin County grand jury following an investigation by the Ohio Attorney General’s office. Coy and another officer had responded to a citizen’s non-emergency call after 1 a.m. on Dec. 22 about a suspicious car in front of his house. After the officers arrived, police body cam footage showed the victim, a neighbor of the caller, emerging from a garage and holding up a cell phone in his left hand seconds before he was fatally shot by Coy, who claims he thought the cell phone was a gun. Officers then handcuffed the dying man and failed to render any first aid before he expired.

Gun Free Zones

State police officers and National Guard members are patrolling the city of Nuevo Casas Grandes, Chihuahua, Mexico, following an attack on the local police chief late last week. At least eight assailants armed with rifles fired on three vehicles outside a gym as the chief and his security detail were leaving. Three of the officers and a citizen were killed in the ensuing gun battle. Gun free zone.

Chicago, Jackson, NYC

Chicago Alderman Stephanie Coleman reacted to a surge in city carjackings by hiring a private firm to provide security for an hour each day in which residents can safely pump gas. I wonder if they’re gonna guard all the cars stopped at red lights too?

If you want gun control so bad, why don't you just move to the south side of Chicago?

Arrests for illegal gun possession are up in New York City, but so is the number of shootings. I guess gun control doesn’t work.

Meanwhile in Jackson, MS, Mayor Chokwe Lumumba has ordered a night time curfew for under-18 youths, due to all the violence in the city. Apparently he thinks murderous gang-bangers will obey this particular order. The mayor also blamed local gun shows for arming criminals in the city, in spite of evidence that only around 2% of criminals’ guns come from gun shows.


Sinclair Broadcast Group, formerly considered a “conservative” outlet (and not to be confused with Sinclair International reloading products), evidences racist, bigoted behavior.

The encrypted chat and file-sharing service Keybase, owned by the video conferencing giant Zoom, says it will begin banning users who share files for 3D-printed guns on the platform.

I left Bank of America/Merrill Lynch. You should too.

There’s something to be said for the military draft, and for not having educational exemptions from it.


If I spend my free government stimulus check at the gun show, will that make both sides happy?

In a nation so divided, I'm with the ones who carry firearms and know which bathroom to use.

Rangemaster February Newsletter

I STRONGLY recommend you read this one (.pdf document shown below).


Tueller Drill case and discussion. Read it.


Armed Citizens’ TV, from ACLDN


What do you fear? By MS State Rep. Dana Criswell (R-Olive Branch)


Do not feed the animals. It can get you both killed.

American Handgunner Magazine

Glock training

Glock Professional announces the launch of a new firearm training course designed specifically for new shooters called Glock Brilliance in the Basics, designed for entry-level individuals who are seeking professional instruction on the safe and proper use of Glock firearms.

Glock also has a new armorer’s course.


Features to Avoid When Buying an IWB Holster


An actual accidental discharge (malfunction)


About those S&W pocket revolvers



The NSSF-adjusted NICS number for January of 2021 is 75.2% higher than January 2020. The total number of NSSF-adjusted NICS checks for January: 2,052,130, which is the highest January on record. The FBI raw number records showed 4.3 million background check applications for January 2021, which was the highest month on record and a 62% increase over January 2020.

We have a report that the new Colt Python was the No. 1 selling revolver among FFLs using the services of GunBroker.com in 2020.

Industry news

Beretta Holding has signed an agreement for the acquisition of 100% of Holland and Holland Ltd., including Holland & Holland’s Shooting Ground in West London.

Roundhill Group’s FFL has been approved, and now the company can resume manufacturing guns under its RemArms brand. The firm now owns the rights to produce all Remington firearms and holds the patents, with the exception of Marlin’s assets, which went to Ruger. RemArms production is scheduled to resume March 1 in Ilion, NY, beginning with the Model 870. While Roundhill is in negotiations with the labor union and the state and says it wants to expand operations there, I suspect it remains to be seen if RemArms will stay in Ilion permanently.


Interesting chat about Holosun reflex sights. Did you know? Green LED sights use less power than red, unlike LASERS, in which green uses more power than red.

.17 Mach 2 update

Vihtavuori’s new N568 rifle powder is suitable for popular large capacity cartridges, including 6.5 PRC, .300 PRC, .338 Lapua Magnum, and typical belted magnums such as 7mm Rem. Mag. and .300 Win. Mag. N568 is slow burning, short cut, temperature and humidity insensitive, and excels with heavy-for-caliber projectiles.

Federal Premium now has a 2.5 oz. 12-gauge tungsten turkey load. Roughly $16 a pop. Last week I mentioned their new 32 gauge load. They also now have a 24 gauge load as well. Both have 11/16 oz. of #8 lead shot.

Bergara Rifles’ new BMR (Bergara Micro Rimfire) is a micro rimfire model that incorporates all the features that their other rimfire models have. These new models are available in .22 LR, .17 HMR, and .22 WMR.

Ever heard of Fierce Firearms in Utah? Me either.

Lyman’s new Mark 7 Apex 10 reloading press will replace the Mark 7 Evolution as the 10-station, manual progressive press in the Mark 7 line of products. While the Apex 10 comes standard as a manual progressive press, it is fully automation compatible with the Mark 7 Autodrive, Mark 7 Primer Xpress, and all Mark 7 Sensors.

Hogue’s Wrapter Heavy Grit Adhesive Firearm Grip wrap has adhesive designed to create a long-lasting bond when activated by heat, but can also be removed without leaving a sticky residue behind. To fit various Glock and Sig handguns, and a generic Do It Yourself solution. $10-15.

TactaLoad Flash-5 – Shotgun Stock stores 5 shells inside. Accommodates 3.5″ shells.

Bear Hyde gun cases. Serious long gun cases. Serious prices.

Berger Ammunition has added a .223 Remington, 73 Grain Boat Tail Target load and a .223 Remington, 77 Grain OTM Tactical load to its ammunition offerings.


“There is only one kind of shock worse than the totally unexpected: The expected, for which you’ve refused to prepare.” – Mary Renault

2021 Mississippi gun bills

Summary of gun related bills still alive this legislative session. NOT guaranteed complete.

Next deadline: Feb.11 for original floor action on bills from originating house.



HB 319
By: Rep. Busby
Ref: Transportation

Waives state residency requirement for CCW license applicants who are spouses of active military personnel stationed in Mississippi.

HB 634
By: Rep. Barnett
Ref: Jud B
Substitute bill PASSED JUD B

Enhances Mississippi’s preemption laws by adding state agencies to the list of entities that are prohibited from restricting the Second Amendment rights of Mississippi citizens. Criminal corruption charges for officials included. Good bill. Similar to SB 2107.

SB 2035
By: Sen. Blackwell
Ref: Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks
Amended bill PASSED SENATE

Makes air guns and air bows generally legal for hunting. Funny, I thought they already were.

SB 2107
By: Sen. DeBar, Moran
Ref: Jud B
Substitute bill PASSED JUD B

Enhances Mississippi’s preemption laws by adding state agencies to the list of entities that are prohibited from restricting the Second Amendment rights of Mississippi citizens. Prohibits localities from restricting the possession, transfer, sale, transportation, storage, display, carry, or use of firearms during declared civil emergencies. Similar to HB 634. No criminal provisions.

SB 2253
By: Sen. Fillingane
Ref: Jud A

Provides the option of combining your Mississippi CCW license with your Mississippi driver’s license, instead of having two cards and licenses.

SB 2565
By: Sen. Sojourner
Ref: Jud B

Requires DPS to allow CCW licensees to notify the department of having a license lost or destroyed or of the changing of a permanent address and to change the licensee’s permanent address through electronic communication.

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