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Special Edition – 2021 Mississippi Gun Bills

Summary of gun related bills filed this legislative session. NOT guaranteed complete. My apologies to list members not residing in Mississippi.

Next deadline: Feb. 2 for committees to act on bills from their own house.


HB 40
By: Rep. Hines
Ref: Jud B; Accountability, Efficiency, Transparency; Rules

Requires a state permit, waiting period, and mental evaluation prior to the purchase of an “automatic weapon.” Pretty much redundant with existing federal law, depending on what he means by “automatic,” which is not defined.

HB 83
By: Reps. Mims, Calvert, Smith, Horne
Ref: Jud B

In part, adds to the list of justifiable homicide events; “When necessarily committed in lawful defense of one’s own business, where there is rioting, looting or other activity in violation of Sections 1 through 2 of this act.” Similar to HB 763.

HB 319
By: Rep. Busby
Ref: Transportation

Waives state residency requirement for CCW license applicants who are spouses of active military personnel stationed in Mississippi.

HB 569
By: Rep. Banks
Ref: Constitution; Jud B

Repeals Mississippi’s preemption laws regarding local prohibitions on CCW, even with a CCW license. Repeals the enhanced CCW license law.

HB 604
By: Rep. Criswell
Ref: Jud B

Various positive clean-ups and tweaks to the CCW license law, mostly requiring DPS to act better and be more accountable.

HB 608
By: Rep. Criswell
Ref: Jud B

Removes “stun guns” from the list of weapons carried concealed for which a CCW license is available. Apparently the state thinks that one must have a license to carry one, but since stun guns aren’t classified as deadly weapons under state law and are nowhere prohibited from carry to begin with (that I could find), one wonders what’s up with the law and this bill.

HB 634
By: Rep. Barnett
Ref: Jud B

Enhances Mississippi’s preemption laws by adding state agencies to the list of entities that are prohibited from restricting the Second Amendment rights of Mississippi citizens. Criminal corruption charges for officials included. Similar to SB 2107.

HB 680
By: Rep. Denton
Ref: Jud B; Constitution

Provides that records of court-adjudicated mental incompetencies or court-ordered or voluntary commitments to mental health facilities be provided to the DPS for their use in the CCW permit issuance/renewal/revocation process.

HB 697
By: Rep. Paden
Ref: Jud B; Constitution

Requires a mental health evaluation resulting in a finding of a lack of mental illness prior to obtaining a CCW license.

HB 735
By: Rep. Clarke
Ref: Constitution; Jud B

Prohibits firing guns “near any business or property that contains flammable or explosive petroleum products.” Technically, that would be pretty much all property in the state, or at least it will be once you get there in your gasoline-powered vehicle. Violation is a felony.

HB 763
By: Rep. Currie
Ref: Jud B

In part, adds to the list of justifiable homicide events; “When committed in the lawful defense of one’s own business during a riot, any violent protest or looting.” Similar to HB 83.

SB 2035
By: Sen. Blackwell
Ref: Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks

Makes air guns and air bows generally legal for hunting. Funny, I thought they already were.

SB 2107
By: Sen. DeBar, Moran
Ref: Jud B

Enhances Mississippi’s preemption laws by adding state agencies to the list of entities that are prohibited from restricting the Second Amendment rights of Mississippi citizens. Prohibits localities from restricting the possession, transfer, sale, transportation, storage, display, carry, or use of firearms during declared civil emergencies. Similar to HB 634. No criminal provisions.

YOU CAN EASILY SUPPORT THIS BILL HERE: https://act.nraila.org/actions/campaigns/10537

SB 2235
By: Sen. Derrick Simmons
Ref: Jud B

Makes deadly weapon possession unlawful for persons convicted of misdemeanors with an “enhanced sentence.”

SB 2253
By: Sen. Fillingane
Ref: Jud A

Provides the option of combining your Mississippi CCW license with your Mississippi driver’s license, instead of having two cards and licenses.

SB 2484
By: Sen. Butler
Ref: Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks

Legalizes the shooting-on-sight of bears by a landowner on his own property.

SB 2558
By: Sen. Horhn
Ref: Jud B

Prohibits open carry by any non-LEO person while attending or participating in a parade or demonstration for which a permit is required. Probably should have been referred to the Constitution committee, since this one is clearly unconstitutional.

SB 2564
By: Sen. Sojourner
Ref: Jud B

Rejects unconstitutional federal gun control laws and prohibits public officials in the state from enforcing them.

SB 2565
By: Sen. Sojourner
Ref: Jud B

Requires DPS to allow CCW licensees to notify the department of having a license lost or destroyed or of the changing of a permanent address and to change the licensee’s permanent address through electronic communication.

SB 2567
By: Sen. Sojourner
Ref: Jud B

Second Amendment Preservation Act. Beefs up state preemption of local gun laws to the extent that locals may only enact laws in strict conformance with state provisions, except it allows locals to (unconstitutionally) regulate open carry.

SB 2568
By: Sen. McDaniel
Ref: Jud A; Jud B

Prohibits state or local assistance in enforcement of federal gun or magazine bans, registration, or confiscation.

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