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  • Short Circuit: A Roundup of Recent Federal Court Decisions. A couple of gun cases here.
  • Senior US District Judge Frank P. Geraci of the Western District of New York denied a request by gun-rights advocates to block enforcement of a New York law requiring ammunition sales to be handled by a licensed dealer and subject to a background check for the purchaser. He determined that the law fit within the country’s historical tradition of gun regulation because it is analogous to a colonial Virginia law disarming Catholics. Apparently Judge Geraci would also be just fine and dandy with the old Slave Codes too. First, the US Constitution (which came after that law) prohibits such religious discrimination. Second, the US Revolutionary War started in 1775 when government officials came to “regulate” colonists’ powder and arms. THAT is the tradition. The case is New York State Firearms Association v. Chiumento.
  • Nunsense – A lawsuit brought against Smith & Wesson by anti-gun shareholders within the company was dismissed Monday in Nevada’s Clark County District Court.
  • The grandparents of a 5-year-old who was fatally shot by his 6-year-old cousin are now facing felony charges under Michigan’s new safe storage law – the same one under which James and Jennifer Crumbley, parents of a school shooter, were both found guilty and sentenced to prison for their child’s actions. The grandparents were found to have several unsecured and loaded firearms in areas of their home where the children were playing unsupervised when the tragedy happened.

In Common Sense

  • Tom Knighton and David Codrea take apart the US judiciary’s “in common use” standard. I’ve been saying the same thing for years, though my argument is much shorter: “Common use” isn’t in the Second Amendment, and no study of it will reveal any such conclusion. It is a lie that the judiciary completely fabricated. It doesn’t matter whether or why a weapon is or isn’t in common use.



Photo of Joe Biden at a podium speaking animatedly with a speech bubble that says "i shall infringe!

The Only Ones

  • An unidentified NYPD officer fired his gun inside Hamilton Hall while clearing trespassing protesters last week at Columbia University. The NYPD said an Emergency Service Unit officer was using a firearm equipped with a flashlight to illuminate a barricaded area and accidentally fired one shot, which struck a frame in a nearby wall, resulting in no casualties.
  • Unidentified Okaloosa County (FL) Sheriff’s Deputies responding to a disturbance call at a Fort Walton apartment complex broke into the wrong unit after refusing to identify themselves and fatally shot a US Air Force airman who was home alone when they saw he was armed with a gun, an attorney for the victim’s family said. The sheriff’s office issued a statement saying that the deputies acted in self-defense. While they may be covered by qualified immunity, I suggest that one shouldn’t be able to claim self defense when you feloniously break into someone’s home a shoot them, even if they are holding a gun. What did they expect the man to do?


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Tactics & Stuff

Close-up of a worn-out brown shoe with a torn toe and visible inner lining.
Bar graph displaying the number of nuclear warheads by country, showing russia and the united states with the highest counts, followed by various other countries.


  • On October 6th at the Smith & Wesson Tennessee Headquarters Grand Opening, Jerry Miculek attempted and set two new World Records with his Smith & Wesson revolver, beating out Max Michel’s old record and setting an entirely new record.
    • Fastest Time to Hit 6 Target Plates from 7 Yards with a 9mm Handgun: 2.01 seconds.
    • Fastest Time to Hit 6 Target Plates from 7 Yards with a 9mm Revolver: 1.88 seconds.

Industry News

  • Revelyst has sold RCBS, the company’s Oroville, California-based reloading brand, to Hodgdon Powder Co. of Shawnee, KS. Hodgdon will immediately continue RCBS business as usual with all RCBS employees, shipping RCBS products to wholesale and retail customers, and the RCBS plant manager will become a member of the Hodgdon leadership team, reporting directly to the CEO. It’s a good thing for a gun products company to be owned and run by gun guys.
  • March gun sales chart for 25 years. Just FYI.
Bar chart showing nssf-adjusted nics month-over-month compound annual growth rate over 25 years, with variations in growth percentages for 1, 5, 10, and 15-year periods.


  • Fiocchi has new handgun hunting ammo in its Hyperformance Hunt line, all using the Barnes XPB all copper hollow point bullet:
    • 10mm 155 gr. @ 1165 fps
    • .44 Mag. 225 gr. @ 1240 fps
    • .45 Colt 200 gr. @ 1010 fps
    • .357 Mag. 140 gr. @ 1250 fps
  • Walther Arms, Inc. has reintroduced the PPK and PPK/S chambered in .32 ACP.
  • Heritage Manufacturing has announced its “Range Side” Lever Action Rifle. They didn’t say anything else about it. It appears to be offered in Walnut/SS, Walnut/Color Case, and Walnut/Blue, and appears to include a .410 version.

MS Gun Bills Update

2024 MS Gun Bills Still Alive

5/6/2024: Summary of remaining gun related bills this legislative session. NOT guaranteed complete. Thankfully, the legislature has gone home.

HB 1441
By: Reps. Horan, McLean
Amended versions recommitted for further conference.
DIED in conference

Amended version adds a mandatory 20-year additional prison term for any person who uses or displays any firearm during the commission of a felony that is defined as a crime of violence in Section 97-3-2.

HC 19
By: Rep. Eubanks
To: Rules
Apparently died in committee.

House Concurrent Resolution to declare the State of Mississippi as a “Second Amendment Sanctuary” state.

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