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Special Report – 2020 Mississippi Gun Bills Update

Summary of gun related bills still alive. NOT guaranteed complete.

Next deadline: March 31 for committee action on general bills and constitutional amendments originating in other house.



HB 1018
By: Rep. C. Scott Bounds (R)
Committee Substitute PASSED House; goes to Senate

Requires LEO ID numbers or enhanced CCW permit numbers, instead of names, to be placed on church minutes for the church protection act civil immunity for armed security teams.


HB 1215
By: Reps. Shane Barnett, Chris Brown (20th), Fred Shanks (all R)
Committee Substitute PASSED House, goes to Senate

Provides that “No state agency may adopt a rule or regulation or enter into any contract or rental agreement that restricts the possession, carrying, transportation, sale, transfer or ownership of firearms or ammunition or their components.” Contains an exemption for Dept. of Wildlife hunting regs. and for state universities, and provides civil liability for responsible public officials violating this section.


HB 1309
By: Rep. Joey Hood (R)
PASSED House, goes to Senate

Allows disability-exempt hunters to use air bows for deer, turkey and small game.


HC 42
By: Reps. Representatives Criswell, Brown (20th), Hopkins, Owen, Arnold, Barnett, Boyd, Byrd, Carpenter, Darnell, Eubanks, Hale, Kinkade, Mangold, Morgan, Newman, Rushing, Scoggin, Wallace
Ref: Rules

House Concurrent Resolution (non binding) declaring Mississippi a “Second Amendment Sanctuary” state.


SB 2225
By: Sen. Joseph Seymour (R)
PASSED: Senate, goes to House

Provides that disabled military veterans applying for a CCW license and fee exemption can provide a veterans health services identification card issued by the VA indicating a service-connected disability, as proof of such service-connected disability, instead of providing “verification” from the VA.


SC 552
By: Sen. Chris McDaniel (R)
Ref: Rules

Senate Concurrent Resolution (non binding) expressing legislative intent relative to the Second Amendment, Tenth Amendment, and preemption of MS law relative to intrastate firearms activities.

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