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Special Edition – Mississippi Gun Bills

Summary of gun related bills filed this legislative session. NOT guaranteed complete.

Next deadline: March 3 for committees to act on bills.


Apologies to list members not in Mississippi.

HB 138
By: Rep. John Hines (D)
Ref: Jud. B, Constitution

Requires that purchasers of “automatic weapons” receive a purchasing permit from the Department of Public Safety (after a 30-day waiting period and background check) authorizing such purchase, and the permit must be presented to the seller, AND the purchaser must have a mental evaluation performed by a licensed psychologist or physician and provide proof to the seller that the applicant does not suffer from any mental disorder.

HB 166
By: Rep. Cedric Burnett (D)
Ref: Jud. B

Allows a person who has been convicted of a nonviolent felony to possess a firearm, knife, metallic knuckles, blackjack, or suppressor in such person’s residence or motor vehicle, IF the person is able to prove that he or she resides in the home or owns the motor vehicle in which the item is located.

HB 269
By: Rep. Randall Patterson (R)
Ref: Constitution

Prohibits officials, agents or employees of the State of Mississippi or any political subdivision of the state from knowingly or willfully ordering to be enforced any federal executive order, agency order, law, statute, rule or regulation issued, enacted or promulgated that has the purpose, intent, or effect of confiscating or banning any firearm, limiting the size of a magazine for any firearm, imposing any limit on the ammunition that may be purchased for any firearm, or requiring the registration of any firearm or its ammunition.

HB 289
By: Rep. Earle Banks (D)
Ref: Jud. A

Revises state preemption law to allow local governments to regulate/prohibit carrying firearms and revises state CCW permit laws to restrict places one can carry with a permit.

HB 303
By: Rep. Orlando Paden (D)
Ref: Jud. B, Constitution

Stipulates that applicants for CCW licenses must provide proof that they have received a mental health evaluation from a licensed psychiatrist within the last year and “such evaluation evidences no sign of ‘mental illness.'” Appears to also apply to renewals.

HB 385
By: Rep. Earle Banks (D)
Ref: Jud. B, Constitution

Red flag law. Requires law enforcement confiscation of weapons from people “determined” to be mentally ill or incompetent.

HB 451
By: Rep. Henry Zuber (R)
Ref: Jud. B

Removes knives from the state code’s general prohibition on carrying concealed weapons.

HB 476
By: Rep. Randall Patterson (R)
Ref: Jud. B

Allows for legal CCW without any license for folks evacuating as a result of a mandatory evacuation order.

HB 479
By: Reps. Alyce Clarke, Jeffery Harness, Kabir Karriem, Carl Mickens, Daryl Porter (all D)
Ref: Jud. B, Constitution

Alyce Clark’s perennial bill to make it a felony to fire a gun “near” any business or property that contains flammable or explosive petroleum products. “Near” is not defined.

HB 482
By: Reps. Alyce Clarke, Earle Banks, Bo Brown (Hinds Co.), Jarvis Dortch, Stephanie Foster (all D)
Ref: Education, Appropriations

Requires the state Dept. of Education to require school districts to perform school shooter drills, under the auspices of the Dept. of Public Safety, at least every 3 years.

HB 622
By: Rep. Randy Boyd (R)
Ref: Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks

Requires MDWFP to provide public notice via newspaper & radio, plus notifying state legislators, of any proposed new or changed hunting, fishing or wild game regulations.

HB 641
By: Rep. Dana Criswell (R)
Ref: Jud. B

Clarifies CCW licensing requirements and procedures.

HB 702
By: Rep. Dana Criswell (R)
Ref: Jud. B

Removes stun guns from the list of concealed weapons the carry of which are prohibited/restricted/licensed.

HB 706
By: Rep. Dana Criswell (R)
Ref: Jud. B

Firearms Protection Act. Prohibits state/local enforcement of federal gun control laws regarding items that remain intrastate or federal bans of semiautomatic firearms or magazines.

HB 753
By: Reps. William Arnold, Larry Byrd, Lester Carpenter, Dana Criswell, Steve Hopkins, Vince Mangold, Jansen Owen (all R)
Ref: Jud. B, Interstate Cooperation

Authorizes the state of MS to enter into an interstate compact with other southern states for the purpose of operating as Second Amendment sanctuary states, exempts certain firearms, accessories & ammo from federal regulation, declares certain federal firearms statutes, regulations, rules and orders unconstitutional under the US Constitution and therefore unenforceable in the Compact region, requires participating states’ attorneys general to file legal actions to prevent federal implementation of same.

HB 762
By: Rep. Jeramey Anderson (D)
Ref: Jud. B, Constitution

Increases penalties for violation of existing law regarding manufacture, sale or possession of suppressors.

HB 839
By: Rep. Sonya Williams-Barnes (D)
Ref: Jud. B

Adds persons convicted of “domestic violence” as being prohibited from carrying weapons. Current statute prohibits felons.

HB 885
By: Rep. C. Scott Bounds (R)
Ref: Wildlife Fisheries & Parks

Authorizes the use of “air guns” (any pistol, handgun, or shoulder-held device, each of not less than .30 caliber, or air bow, that propels a projectile in the form of a slug, shot, or arrow equipped with a broadhead using unignited compressed air or gas) as legal weapons for hunting big game during primitive weapon seasons and firearm seasons.

HB 1018
By: Rep. C. Scott Bounds (R)
Ref: Jud. B

Requires LEO ID numbers or enhanced CCW permit numbers, instead of names, to be placed on church minutes for the church protection act civil immunity for armed security teams.

HB 1054
By: Reps. Chris Brown (R), Dana Criswell (R)
Ref: Jud. B

Provides for a $300 lifetime CCW license.

HB 1094
By: Rep. Trey Lamar (R)
Ref: Jud. B

Creates a Council on the Prevention of School Shootings for the purpose of establishing a coordinated system of 24-hour real-time statewide monitoring from a central location of the online work and activity of students (but apparently not staff) for suspicious or harmful content that represents signs of planning for a school shooting. The council, made up of various government officials, will be connected with and staffed by the Office of the Attorney General.

HB 1169
By: Rep. Jeffery Harness (D)
Ref: Jud. A, Rules

Repeals the Landowner Protection Act, making landowner liability an issue for those who allow sportsmen to use their property.

HB 1180
By: Reps. Oscar Denton, Jeffery Harness, Carl Mickens, Daryl Porter (all D)
Ref: Jud. B

Requires that MDPS maintain an automated listing of folks prohibited CCW licenses for mental reasons and follow up to revoke.

HB 1215
By: Reps. Shane Barnett, Chris Brown (20th), Fred Shanks (all R)
Ref: Jud. B

Provides that “No state agency may adopt a rule or regulation or enter into any contract or rental agreement that restricts the possession, carrying, transportation, sale, transfer or ownership of firearms or ammunition or their components.” The Dept. of Wildlife is gonna love this one.

HB 1216
By: Reps. Shane Barnett, Chris Brown (20th), Fred Shanks (all R)
Ref: Jud. B

Prohibits DPS from adding requirements for licensed concealed firearm holders “unless the officer granting passage has probable cause that the licensee has or is about to commit a crime.”

HB 1217
By: Reps. Shane Barnett, Chris Brown (20th), Fred Shanks (all R)
Ref: Jud. B

Prohibits county and local officials from using any policy or practice to ban, delay, deny or impose additional entry requirements for concealed firearms or otherwise impede or “shadow” a license holder with a concealed firearm legally carrying on property under their control.


Authorizes the Attorney General to pursue criminal charges against any public official or his or her employee who violates the rights of any enhanced license holder under the provisions of 45-9-51, 45-9-53, 45-9-101 or 97-32-7(2) as a case of official corruption under Section 7-5-59 if the officials responsible for the violation fail to correct such violation within thirty (30) days of being notified of the violation.
‘Bout time.

HB 1309
By: Rep. Joey Hood (R)
Ref: Wildlife Fisheries & Parks

Allows disability-exempt hunters to use air bows for deer, turkey and small game.

HB 1363
By: Rep. Jansen Owen (R)
Ref: Jud. B

Revises type of knife allowed to be possessed by a felon to a fixed blade under 6″.

HB 1443
By: Rep. Greg Haney (R)
Ref: Jud. B

Increases penalty of second conviction of illegal CCW.

HB 1444
By: Rep. Greg Haney (R)
Ref: Jud. B

Increases severity/penalty for convictions of minors illegally possessing handguns.

HB 1445
By: Rep. Greg Haney (R)
Ref: Jud. B

Changes prohibition on possession/sale, etc. of stolen firearms from “knowingly” to “reasonable grounds to believe” the firearm was stolen.

HB 1477
By: Rep. Kevin Horan (D)
Ref: Jud. B

Allows certain former LEOs to be exempt from training requirements of the enhanced CCW license AND to be issued LEO credentials allowing them nationwide CCW. Essentially the same as SB 2528.

HB 1553
By: Rep. Jay McKnight (R)
Ref: Jud. B

Adds auxiliary and reserve LEOs to be treated like other LEOs in state CCW laws.

HC 42
By: Reps. Representatives Criswell, Brown (20th), Hopkins, Owen, Arnold, Barnett, Boyd, Byrd, Carpenter, Darnell, Eubanks, Hale, Kinkade, Mangold, Morgan, Newman, Rushing, Scoggin, Wallace
Ref: Rules

House Concurrent Resolution (non binding) declaring Mississippi a “Second Amendment Sanctuary” state.

SB 2055
By: Sens. Robert L. Jackson (D-11th), David Jordan (D)
Ref: Jud. A, Accountability Efficiency Transparency

Establishes a “red flag” law in which a judge can issue an “emergency extreme risk protection order” on an ex parte basis without notice to the respondent. Such an order includes confiscation of firearms and CCW permit and prohibition of possession, etc. of firearms during the time specified in the order. The process is based on a relative or LEO’s affidavit concerning the respondent.

Red flag law

SB 2082
By: Sen. John A. Polk (R)
Ref: Jud. B

Prohibits shooting firearms within 1,000 feet of a residence, school or church, with some shooting range exceptions. Punishment up to $5,000 and 10 years in prison. In other words, you can’t shoot a gun most places in Mississippi.

SB 2166
By: Sen. Angela Turner-Ford (D)
Ref: Jud. B

Requires that LEOs obtain written consent for consensual searches.

SB 2167
By: Sen. Sampson Jackson II (D-32nd)
Ref: Jud. A

Requires microstamping of centerfire rifle and pistol cartridge cases.

SB 2173
By: Sen. Angela Hill (R)
Ref: Jud. A

Specifically authorizes folks with enhanced CCW licenses to carry on educational property and allows folks aged 18-20 to obtain a CCW license if they have also met the enhanced CCW criteria.

SB 2219
By: A bunch of Senators
Ref: Wildlife Fisheries & Parks, Jud. A

Loosens the weapons possession provisions of the anti-road-hunting statute such that a person with long gun INSIDE a vehicle and not in his hands, or who is otherwise lawfully ingressing/egressing to/from such vehicle would not be considered illegally hunting.

SB 2225
By: Sen. Joseph Seymour (R)
Passed: Veterans and Military Affairs, Jud. B

Provides that disabled military veterans applying for a CCW license and fee exemption can provide a veterans health services identification card issued by the VA indicating a service-connected disability, as proof of such service-connected disability, instead of providing “verification” from the VA.

SB 2238
By: Sen. Joey Fillingane (R) (By Request)
Ref: Jud. B

Second Amendment Preservation Act – basically declares federal unconstitutional gun laws invalid in the state and prohibits their enforcement, as well as beefing up state preemption laws.

SB 2269
By: Sen. John Horhn (D)
Ref: Jud. B

Prohibits the possession of a firearm while by a person participating in a parade or demonstration for which a permit is required. “Participation” is not defined. Felony offense.

SB 2275
By: Sens. Joseph Seymour (R), Juan Barnett (D)
Ref: Wildlife Fisheries & Parks

Provides that to enter in or upon private lands or waters, a conservation officer must have probable cause to believe that a violation of the wildlife laws of the state is occurring or has occurred on such private lands or waters.

SB 2447
By: Sen. Derrick Simmons (D-12th)
Ref: Jud. B

Adds people convicted of misdemeanors who received an enhanced sentence under Mississippi Code Sections 99-19-301 through 99-19-307 as prohibited to possess weapons.

SB 2528
By: Sens. Nicole Boyd, Michael McLendon, Daniel Sparks (all R)
Ref: Jud. A

Allows certain former LEOs to be exempt from training requirements of the enhanced CCW license AND to be issued LEO credentials allowing them nationwide CCW. Essentially the same as HB 1477.

SB 2711
By: Sens. Jeff Tate (R), Joseph Seymour (R)
Ref: Jud. A

Removes fees for CCW licenses and related fingerprint checks for initial and renewals. Fees retained for replacement licenses.

SB 2748
By: Sen. Melanie Sojourner (R)
Ref: Jud. B

Second Amendment Preservation Act. Comprehensive and complete preemption for firearms, components, ammunition and supplies, with certain (current) exceptions.

SB 2757
By: Sens. Melanie Sojourner, Neil Whaley, Philip Moran, Kathy Chism (all R)
Ref: Jud. B

Provides that state comprehensive firearms code supercedes all unconstitutional federal gun control acts, laws, orders, rules and regulations, and makes enforcement of such acts a misdemeanor crime.

SB 2859
By: Sens. Chris McDaniel (R), Melanie Sojourner (R)
Ref: Jud. A

Provides that no state or local public body or employee may plan, implement, assist, participate in, enable or cooperate with any federal attempt to: ban or restrict ownership of a semiautomatic firearm or any magazine of a firearm; require any sort of registration of any firearm, magazine or other firearm accessory; or confiscate a firearm, magazine or other firearm accessory from law-abiding Mississippi citizens. No penalties.

SC 552
By: Sen. Chris McDaniel (R)
Ref: Rules

Senate Concurrent Resolution (non binding) expressing legislative intent relative to the Second Amendment, Tenth Amendment, and preemption of MS law relative to intrastate firearms activities.

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