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MS election

The NRA-PVF grades are out for the November 5 election. Check your magazine or go here.


The US Supreme Court has requested that the Maryland Attorney General’s Office respond to the Second Amendment challenge (Brian Kirk Malpasso et al. v. William M. Pallozzi, Superintendent, Maryland Department of State Police, No. 19-423) brought by the Maryland State Rifle and Pistol Association (MSRPA). The attorney general’s brief is due Nov. 18. In its petition for high court review, the MSRPA argued that the constitutional right to keep and bear arms is fundamental and that its exercise by law-abiding citizens outside their homes cannot be restricted by the state, such as by requiring a would-be gun owner to have a “good and substantial” reason, to be decided by the state.

We reported a couple of week ago that the US District Court, Southern District of Ohio Eastern Division, dismissed with prejudice the frivolous Primus Group v. Smith & Wesson, et. al. case, due to no standing. The Primus entertainment venue filed the suit after the unrelated massacres in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH, asserting racketeering and intentional misrepresentation claims against S&W. We now have learned that US District Judge Edmund A. Sargus quoted another case (page 6) which asserted that “the proper venue to establish public firearms policy is through the legislature and not the courts.” But as one commenter noted, there is NO proper venue to abrogate civil rights.

sheep and wolf teeth analogy

USCCA insurance fined by Washington State

About those unconstitutional gun taxes

“Save The Second” NRA reform petition now available

I recommend you print out a copy of the signature page(s), sign, collect a few other NRA voting member signatures, and mail it in.

Follow-up on that Ft. Worth, TX, in-home police shooting

We have a report that the Ft. Worth police officer who fatally shot a resident inside her house was responding to an “open structure” or “open door” radio call, which another officer from another state explained is much different than a “welfare check.”

With an “open structure” call, officers are typically on higher alert, as reports could vary from a door accidentally being left unlocked to something more serious like a burglary.

But in this case, with open doors, lights on, no sign or report of forced entry or foul play, and residents inside, there is still no explanation of why the officers didn’t walk up to the open door and announce themselves to the residents.

About those murderers

“Every death row inmate interviewed listed one of only two reasons for killing… (language warning)

  1. 34% said they killed because the victim challenged the killer’s authority
  2. 66% said they killed because the victim insulted them in some way”

Failing the victim interview

School massacres

“School shooters are almost always a student at the school, and they typically have four things in common:

  1. They suffered early-childhood trauma and exposure to violence at a young age.
  2. They were angry or despondent over a recent event, resulting in feelings of suicidality.
  3. They studied other school shootings, notably Columbine, often online, and found inspiration.
  4. And they possessed the means to carry out an attack.”

A good report on school shooters

The media is not our friend

Want to reduce massacres and suicides by, say, 20 percent, for free?

Don’t glorify them.

Geeking on gun and homicide stats

Lott on Mexican Gun Control

Mexico’s gun laws are among the least permissive in the world. Only 1% of Mexicans possess a license to own a firearm. It is impossible to get a concealed-handgun permit. For the first nine months of 2019, Mexico had 25,890 murders — almost six times as many murders per 100,000 people as in the US. And the Left wants US to implement Mexican-style gun control. Nope. Your move.


Some Florida law enforcement agencies are creating or keeping lists of legal gun owners, which is a felony.


Facebook and Google are data-mining and indexing images of firearms serial numbers, license plates, etc. They’re probably doing that with your underage children’s images and info also. Facebook owns Instagram and Google owns YouTube.


Lying lawyer. But I repeat myself.

have you noticed?

A Colorado girl posted a non-threatening but controversial SnapChat photo captioned: “Me and my legal guardian [her US Army veteran brother] are going to the gun range to practice gun safety and responsible gun ownership while getting better so we can protect ourselves while also using the first amendment to practice our second amendment.” Her school, Endeavor Academy, a public school in Centennial, CO, suspended her and sent police to her house to investigate her as a potential threat. The school said the girl didn’t break any rule, but was suspended because she was photographed with an “assault rifle” (sic). The girl was not holding a firearm in the photo. To whom she was perceived as a threat was not stated.

political meme

A new Campaign For Free Speech poll revealed that nearly 60% of Millennials — respondents between the ages of 21 and 38 — agreed that the Constitution “goes too far in allowing hate speech in modern America” and should be rewritten. I hate that.


18 year olds

The Only Ones

We have a report that two unidentified off-duty Ascension Parish, LA, deputies were exchanging personal weapons when one accidentally shot the other in the shoulder.


An unidentified Orange County, California, sheriff’s deputy was placed on administrative leave after he allegedly pulled a gun on several unarmed teenagers over music they were playing together as a band at a San Clemente skate park. There are reportedly several witnesses and a video.


Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper Daryl Veliz has resigned after his off-duty arrest on DUI charges, including possession of a weapon while intoxicated.


Hamden, Connecticut, police officer Devin Eaton, who opened fire on an unarmed couple’s car and wounded a 22-year-old woman, was charged this week with one felony count of first degree assault and two counts of first degree reckless endangerment.

Party switch

Washington Parish, Louisiana Sheriff Randy Seal, who has been in office over seven years switched parties from Democrat to Republican just after his latest election this month, saying:

“The Democratic Party left me. I didn’t leave them. I don’t like what’s going on in Washington. Don’t care about abortion and Democrats support that. They are against the Second Amendment and I support the Second Amendment, and I am for closed borders. I think we ought to have rules. If we don’t have rules, we have chaos.”

Just one little observation: The Democrats have been way over on that side for a LOT more than seven years. In other words, they didn’t leave you within the last few years. Have you not been paying attention?

political meme

Probably not the best idea

Cody Wilson, the catalyst behind Defense Distributed’s 3-D gun printers, templates and software, who pleaded down a child sex charge, is returning to the company and will be launching a new high speed Ghost Gunner milling machine. There is disagreement over whether Wilson is now a felon and/or a prohibited person, and whether he can associate with the company that doesn’t actually make guns.

Lens cleaning

In case you didn’t know.

Hunter Safety

A man died in a hunting accident last weekend in Sabine Parish, LA. Apparently the hunter stumbled on a large tree stump, causing him to tumble forward and strike his face or head on the lowest rung of his 14-foot metal ladder deer stand, causing severe and fatal head trauma.

Be careful out there. Most heads aren’t as hard as mine. There’s a lot to be said for learning how to fall.

Meanwhile in Arkansas this week, an experienced hunter died after being gored multiple times by a deer he approached thinking it was shot dead. It wasn’t.

Basic rule: Approach and work from behind the downed deer’s head if possible. Look for signs of life, especially the eyes (Closed eyes mean the deer is somewhat likely to still be alive). If it’s alive, back off and wait for it to expire, or shoot it again. If it appears to be dead, make sure the surrounding area is clear, place your rifle safety in the fire position, and lightly poke the deer in the eye with the muzzle, while standing more or less above/behind its shoulder (spine side, not belly side). If the deer reacts, pull the trigger before it can jump up and gore you.

Frangible ammo safety concern

Tuckable holster anatomy

The Reliant, a Christian pro-gun-right movie, is out


IMR Legendary Powders has announced a product safety warning and recall notice for ALL LOTS of IMR 4007SSC smokeless powder, due to possible rapid deterioration and resulting unstability. Instead of wetting it with water as instructed, I recommend fertilizing your garden or flower bed with it.


Blackhawk is recalling some if its T-Series L2C black plastic holsters (pdf document) sold during June-August, 2019. The recalled holster is designed to be used with Sig Sauer P320/P250 civilian firearms and clips onto the user’s belt. “2101213 A” is printed on the outside of the recalled gun holsters. The holsters may move the manual safety on the gun to the “fire” position, meaning a loaded gun will fire if the trigger is then pulled.


Mossberg no longer has any AR-style centerfire semiautomatic rifles on its website. Perhaps due to lack of interest?


CZ’s Dan Wesson line has merged a 1911 fire control group into a CZ 75 type pistol. They call it the DWX. Full size or compact, 9mm or .40. $1800.


40-round Glock magazines, $15. I may have to buy a Glock just to take advantage…


New products from Hornady


Federal Premium’s Custom Ammo Shop is now online. Not cheap.


Winchester Smokeless Propellants, a brand licensed by the Hodgdon Powder Company, has announced Winchester StaBALL 6.5, the world’s first temperature-insensitive Winchester BALL® Powder, stable in extreme hot or cold conditions.

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