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April 7, 2017 Newsletter by Jeff Pittman

OK follow-up

Predictably, a family member of one of the perps who was killed by the young man defending against a home invasion by three people last week now says that the defender shouldn’t have used an AR rifle to shoot his precious little felonious drop-out. Well, there WAS a way to avoid that. But we see where that one got his IQ. Also this week we learned that no charges will be filed against the defender, under Oklahoma’s Castle Doctrine law.

The captured getaway driver said that they all agreed “if there were guns, it was every man for themselves.”  Check.

Meanwhile during a candlelight vigil for the three dead perps, the crowd scattered like roaches in the light when someone shouted a report of a gun.

We have a couple more reports of multiple-perp home invasions repelled by armed residents this week.

TX Constable killed

Harris County Precinct 3 Asst. Chief Deputy Constable Clint Greenwood, a 30-year veteran law enforcement officer and attorney, was shot in the neck and killed this week outside the courthouse in Baytown by an unidentified killer still on the loose.


The Tennessee Legislature has passed a bill making it legal for folks to carry guns and ammo on their boats.  We previously reported that that was apparently illegal in TN. The bill now heads to the governor.

Tennessee is also one of the states which now allows full-time college and university employees to conceal carry on public campuses. But UT Police Dept. Chief Troy Lane is very concerned about the law and its possible expansion to part-time employees, saying “While no problems have risen from the law, it [the law] has been a burden to the department in some ways with the development of policy, paperwork, training and speaking engagements on campus to explain the law.”

So let’s remove the chief’s burden by removing the policy, paperwork, permits, etc. etc., and just let folks exercise their rights without illicit interference by school crossing guards.


California court returns 500 guns & 100,000 rounds of ammo stolen by corrupt state DOJ in 2015.

Stun gun litigation

Taking care of an active killer


School killing thwarted

“Would-be killers don’t want their massacres cut short by armed school staff, so they plan to kill those armed staff members and police officers early in the attack… …the shooting will be initiated with an assassination attempt IN YOUR OFFICE!

“A lot of recent school shooters have specifically targeted students who were completing an emergency drill or when the building has been evacuated for a fire alarm.”

Note that the above comments aren’t necessarily limited to schools.

Source: “Maryland School Shooting Thwarted

Training class observations, from Greg Ellifritz

  1. Mid and Full sized Glocks and M&Ps run demonstrably better than their small sized cousins.
  2. Get rid of the unnecessary crap on your gun.
  3. Grips that don’t fit your hands will make it harder to shoot accurately.
  4. Traditional double action semi autos are harder to master than DAO or striker fired pistols.
  5. You need a couple good magazine pouches.

Source: “Guns and Gear Issues from Saturday’s Class

Arthritic slide racking

About ATM skimmers

Suppressors — doctors’ orders

Gun control laws

“What did the Oregon killer, the WDBJ killer, the Charleston church killer, the Santa Barbra killer, the Maryland mall killer, the LA airport killer, the DC Navy yard killer, the Aurora movie theater killer, the Tucson killer, the Virginia Tech killer and both Fort Hood killers have in common? Every single one of them passed a background check.”

About those modern firearms and the Second Amendment


ACLU of Pennsylvania senior policy advocate Harold Jordan has called for the disarming of school police, because armed officers are “intimidating” and “send a negative message.”

Yeah, you doofus, that’s why they’re there. And if that doesn’t work, they shoot felonious perps. That’s also a negative message.  Because you liberal pantywetters can’t/won’t do anything about murderous little scumbags except try to disarm the victims.

“Where I’m from, the God I serve does not tell me that I have a fundamental right to carry a gun. … Go to hell with your guns.” – Arkansas State Sen. Stephanie Flowers in “God and guns” [via arktimes.com]

The Only Ones

An unidentified 21-year veteran sergeant with the Houston, TX, Police Dept. apparently died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head in the fourth floor stairwell of a Houston police station last week.

Gotta get me some guard rats.

Man in New Orleans robbed of his self-defense gun

Because he wasn’t paying attention and didn’t know what to do.

Military rifles

The USMC is considering replacing its M4 carbines and M16A4 rifles with the the HK M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR), based on their HK416 rifle. The M27 is reportedly currently issued to squad automatic riflemen. The new proposal would so equip all Marine MOS 0311 RIFLEMEN — not all Marines.

Meanwhile, Soldier Systems reports that the US Army is considering an “interim” switch back to the 7.62mm in standard infantry rifles.

NICS checks

The NICS checks for March, 2017 were 2,433,092. That is the third highest number of NICS checks for any March. The highest was in 2016, with 2,523,265. The second highest February was in 2014, with 2,488,842. The NSSF-adjusted NICS figure of 1,356,929 is an increase of 5.2% compared to the March 2016 NSSF-adjusted NICS figure of 1,289,670.

Bullet jump in 9mm revolvers


The 146th NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits will be held April 27-30, 2017, in Atlanta.

“During the 2017 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits, lawfully carried firearms will be permitted in the Georgia World Congress Center and the Omni Atlanta Hotel at CNN Center in accordance with Georgia law. However, firearms are not allowed in the remainder of the CNN Center, including the food court and shops.”

CCI expansion

We have a rumor that CCI will expand or build an additional rimfire manufacturing facility.


  • Last week we reported on the new Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle in .450 Bushmaster. Tom G. informs that Ruger has the much cheaper American Ranch Rifle in .450 as well. But the .450 Marlin still has 33% more power.
  • Hardened Arms has the Citadel LMC (Linear Muzzle Compensator)
  • Cimarron Firearms Company’s new single action .44 Magnum revolver is called the Bad Boy.  It has a pre-war style flat top frame with adjustable sights and Army style grip with an octagonal barrel available in 6″ or 8″ lengths. The metal has a standard blue finish. Grips are two piece walnut. MSRP $687.70.
  • Davidson’s is pleased to announce its new exclusive, the Remington R1 Long Slide Hunter 10mm, PVD finished in Oil Rubbed Bronze color.

Quote of the Week

“I wish people would stop saying ‘how stupid can you get’ when it comes to school zero-tolerance gun policies. School administrators see it as a challenge and rise to the occasion.” — David Lombardo

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