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March 31, 2017 Newsletter by Jeff Pittman

Alabama permits

We’ve mentioned several Alabama politicians and law enforcement types who oppose current bills to move the state to Constitutional Carry (no permit). These opponents have repeatedly stated that their interest is “safety” or “officer safety” or somesuch, an have explicity denied their opposition to your rights. Turns out, it’s mostly about the money they would be giving up. In other words, your lack of safety is for sale to the very people who are supposed to protect you.

Delta Airlines has a new checked guns policy

Delta says it’s now going to tag gun-containing checked baggage — a violation of two federal laws. Tagged bags also will no longer be available for pickup at baggage claim, but instead will be zip-tied closed AT THE DESTINATION and shuttled off somewhere else for pickup from an agent.

Did I mention there is no where I need to be bad enough to fly to?

Lamestream media

The Washington Post, McClatchy Newspapers’ DC bureau, CNN, a “top 20” Florida TV station have all recently increased security for their employees. Meanwhile, most of them continue to call for restrictions to your security.


Rapper Vic Mensa (yeah, I’ve never heard of him either) is facing criminal charges for carrying a loaded gun. Mensa reportedly supported gun-grabber Hillary.

Brian J. Moran, Secretary, Public Safety and Homeland Security, Richmond, says he prefers domestic abuse victims dead rather than armed.

DGU/Failure in the Victim Selection Process

In Broken Arrow, OK, this week, THREE criminals, aged 16, 17 and 19, broke through the back door of a house occupied by a sleeping resident. The intruders all wore gloves, masks and all-black clothes, and at least one was armed with a knife. They met the homeowner’s young adult son, who awakened and lit them up with an AR-15. Three perps dead; two in the kitchen, no victims injured. A fourth suspect, the confessed getaway driver and mastermind, Elizabeth Rodriguez, 21, turned herself in and was arrested on charges of felony first degree murder, three counts, as well as several (reports vary) counts of burglary.

CNN, the ones who faked the footage of a semiauto rifle firing full auto during a leftist report against guns, apparently refuses to report the type of rifle used by the home defender in this case.

It appears that the assistant DA and of course the media have thus far misrepresented the nature of this incident, stating that Oklahoma’s “Stand Your Ground,” or “Make My Day” law may apply. No, it would be the “Castle Doctrine,” based on reports of the incident. We know the media is mostly incompetent and/or intentionally lying, but an ADA who can’t figure out this basic stuff shouldn’t be practicing law.

Tell me again how nobody “needs” an evil black rifle, or how they have no legitimate civilian purpose, or how they only belong on a battlefield…. (or in a kitchen).

Meanwhile in Kinston, NC, FIVE suspects are in custody after breaking in to a home where one was shot and all five were repelled by the homeowner.

Gun Free Zones

You’ve heard about the shootings at the Cameo nightclub in Cincinnati where 16 people were shot — one fatally. Police believe that multiple people fired shots. No arrests have been made.

Gun Free Zone. Check.

gun-free zone

Defense Against Terrorist Attacks, from Farnam

Review of Defense Against Terrorist Bombers Course

Dept. of Insanity

Trainer John Farnam asserts (see link above) that “In CONUS, our police are all armed on duty, but fewer than ten percent carry off-duty.” If true, that sounds to me like very good evidence that 90% (or whatever the correct percentage is) of our cops are insane.

Dept. of Idiocy

A North Carolina 5-year-old was suspended from school after she was found playing with a stick that resembled a gun, using it to act as a palace guard protecting the royals, and imitating shooting an intruder into the kingdom.

The Hoke County School System said the girl posed a threat to other students when she made a shooting motion.

Well, I have a motion for you, Hokey County.

The Only Ones

Chattanooga police shot and killed off-duty Hamilton County Sheriff’s Deputy Daniel Hendrix, 26, who had been celebrating his birthday with two female off-duty officers with the Chattanooga Police Department, after he apparently changed his demeanor, became agitated, armed himself with a personal firearm, and threatened the two women. One called 911 for help and two more, on-duty, Chattanooga officers arrived and fatally shot Hendrix in his backyard after he refused to drop his weapon, as commanded by one of the officers and “the situation further escalated.”

No word on what other job functions the two partying officers are unable to do.


Police said Michael Southmayd, 56, of Bridgeport, CT, may face charges of unlawful discharge of a firearm in connection with an incident in which he was reaching for his wallet to pay his restaurant bill when he shot himself in the buttocks. He was licensed and lawfully carrying the gun.

Rhode Goldie

Kim did it again — won the gold in Skeet at Acapulco World Cup.


WWII paratrooper vet and author Don Burgett passed away this week at age 92. He fought his way through four major campaigns, and was wounded multiple times before being honorably discharged at age 20 in 1945.


After reporting last week that Colt was shrinking, we have a report this week that Colt’s Manufacturing Co., the gun maker that emerged from bankruptcy last year, is purchasing its West Hartford, CT headquarters and manufacturing plant (I think they belong to the state) as part of a $23 million investment in Connecticut. The company intends to keep its workforce of 600 workers and create 100 jobs over five years. Ironically, some of Colt’s most popular products — their AR-15s and normal capacity magazines — are banned in Connecticut, so they are purchasing headquarters in a state where those products cannot be sold. Gunowner backlash is expected.


  • FN America has two new AR-style SBR 5.56 NATO carbines. One has a 10.5″ barrel with a 1:7″ twist, button rifling and a chrome lining. Under 6 lbs., 26.5″-30″ OAL. The second rifle has a 14.5″ barrel with the same rifling and chrome lining, a Midwest Industries 12″ hand guard with M-LOK attachment points and no front sight base. A bit over 6 lbs. Your choice, $1,150.
  • Ruger has announced that its Gunsite Scout Rifle will be available in .450 Bushmaster. Because apparently they never heard of the .450 Marlin, .416 Ruger, et al. Comes threaded, with a muzzle brake, and a Picatinny rail. $1200.
  • The Ruger Precision Rifle® is now available chambered in 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem. It has a “hybrid ‘target’ chamber, which safely accommodates 5.56 NATO cartridges while providing excellent projectile control and accuracy for both .223 Rem and 5.56 NATO cartridges.” Magazines accommodate 5.56 NATO and .223 Rem. factory ammunition loaded with the longer, higher ballistic coefficient projectiles.
  • Taylor’s & Company, ironically of Winchester, VA, is now importing a new rifle (made by Chiappa in Italy), the 1892 Huntsman. It is closely related to the Chiappa 1892 Skinner Carbine. Offered in .357 Mag, .45 Colt, and .44 Mag., the Huntsman has a 16″ barrel (38″ OAL), 8 round capacity, an adjustable skinner-type rear sight, hi-vis fiber optic front sight, and an enlarged D-type lever loop. 6 lbs. $1273.

Quotes of the Week

Freedom means shining your own boots, saddling your own horse, and when necessary, killing your own snakes. — unknown

“The only way to be sure that there will be a good guy there with a gun is to be the good guy there with a gun.” — Andrew Branca

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