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2A News: January 27, 2017 Newsletter by Jeff Pittman


A top candidate for the empty SCOTUS seat has “a devotion to deciding cases based on the original meaning of the Constitution and the text of statutes, as did the late Justice Antonin Scalia.”

Some say the field is down to three, and no longer includes Diane Sykes of Wisconsin.

President Trump says he’ll announce his choice on Feb. 2.

A reminder that federal judiciary appointments are the ONLY consideration when voting for president.

Petition to Repeal the National Firearms Act. Do it.


Congress has agreed to take up legislation next week that is designed to block a final rule by the Obama administration that would have the Social Security Administration blindly and unconstitutionally strip law-abiding Americans of their Second Amendment rights.


“Accordingly, the majority decision today necessarily leads to the conclusion that individuals who elect to [legally] carry firearms forego other constitutional rights, like the Fourth Amendment right to have law enforcement officers ‘knock-and-announce’ before forcibly entering homes. . . . Likewise, it is difficult to escape the conclusion that individuals who choose to [legally] carry firearms necessarily face greater restriction on their concurrent exercise of other constitutional rights, like those protected by the First Amendment.” — Fourth US Circuit Court of Appeals

Alaska State attorneys filed a lawsuit Jan. 13 in the US District Court of Alaska, claiming new rules adopted by the US Fish and Wildlife Service violate a 1980s law authorizing the state to manage wildlife, impairs indigenous peoples’ ability to harvest food for sustenance, and sets a precedence to restrict future fish and game harvests, intended to be under state control. The new rules restrict predator harvests on wildlife refuges and national parks in AK.

We have word that EPA employees are showing up to work in tears (literally) due to President Trump’s truncating of EPA’s massive mission creep. Maybe it’s time for the USFWS to cry a bit too.


don't have a gunA Good Samaritan was shot and killed in San Antonio, TX while trying to stop a robbery at a mall jewelry store last weekend. Police say two armed men robbed Kay Jewelers in San Antonio’s Rolling Oaks Mall. As they fled the store, one of the men shot and killed an apparently unarmed Good Samaritan who was trying to stop them. Then a second bystander, who was armed, shot one of the suspects, who is in critical condition at a nearby hospital. The other suspect fled the scene, firing his weapon and injuring at least two more people with gunfire and sending two other women to the hospital after the incident — one suffered a heart attack and the other went into labor. He was later caught and charged with one count of capital murder and two counts of aggravated robbery.

USA Today falsely reported that the armed Samaritan didn’t have a carry permit. “Officials” also told potential victims to “shelter in place.” Sometimes that is suicide. Oh, and that mall is a “gun free” zone, if anyone cares. But ask yourself one question: “Would you prefer to be the obedient dead Good Samaritan, or the responsible, rule-breaking, life-saving live one?”

“When I saw he had the gun in her face, and I threw my wallet down and keys, he turned to look and get the money, that’s when I lit him up.”

Update on citizen who saved Arizona state trooper: “…we’re having this conversation about a hero and not about an on-duty death.” People can change. And it looks like my prediction of media portrayal of this hero as some sort of “special” cop-type person was wrong.

Helpful gunfight tips

ISIS is training its kids to kill innocents

To kill you and your kids. What are you training yours to do?



Six people were shot this week at a memorial vigil in Chicago for another person who had been fatally shot. There’s probably a little more to this story, but it was not reported.


More reports of serious dog attacks this week. I guess the victims didn’t read my advice last week. Several hospitalized.

Schools – WHEN do mass killings occur?

MS Firearms Dealer Attacked & Shot at Home

A Rankin County, MS firearms dealer was attacked and shot in a 2 am home invasion this week.

Carnival Cruises: Stupid AND vulnerable

John Farnam is in top form this week.

The Only Ones

  • Stratford, NJ, police officer Kenneth Righter, 46, was charged with three counts of child endangerment and the disorderly persons offense of storage of firearms if minors may have access, after he left his personal 357-caliber revolver loaded and unsecured on a shelf before his 8-year-old daughter fatally shot herself New Year’s Eve, prosecutors said Friday as they announced the criminal charges against him. The Stratford PD also lists Righter as an assistant firearms instructor.
  • An HK MP5 10mm submachine gun, loaded magazine, and bullet resistant vest were stolen from the car of an unidentified southern California FBI special agent. California law requires anyone — including police and people with concealed weapon permits — leaving a gun in a vehicle to lock it in the trunk or in a container out of plain sight. Because the FBI is covering up the facts, we don’t know if the anonymous secret agent was legal or not.
  • Larimer (near Pittsburgh), PA, police responding to a residential burglar alarm and “trying to gain entry” into the house fatally shot the armed homeowner, who had shot at the criminal. The criminal was arrested for trespassing. No word on any charges against the two unidentified involved officers.
  • Former US Border Patrol agent Shannon Keoni Gaillard, 32, is facing federal charges for possession of drugs and gun parts officers found in his car following a high-speed police chase in Everett, WA, late last year. Police found M16 and AR-15 parts, instructions for turning an AR-15 into an M16, nearly 200 rounds of ammunition, unregistered homemade silencers, 3.71 grams of crystal meth, two dope pipes, empty vials of testosterone steroids, documentation of previous DUIs in Utah and Tennessee, tactical gear and a US Border Patrol badge in the car.
  • At least six as-yet-unidentified members of the media have been charged with felony rioting while covering those same riots protesting the inauguration of Donald Trump, according to The Guardian.


10 shots, 3 targets (4 locations), 1.59 seconds, with a rifle.

More on the Army pistol

The Army’s version of SIG’s 320 pistol will reportedly have a manual safety lever. But since most soldiers will never be allowed to even have a magazine inserted into the pistol, much less carry the weapon with a round chambered, the safety lever will be superfluous.

We also hear that the take-down lever will be attached somehow on the right side, so that it cannot be removed at the field level which would allow complete removal of the fire-control unit from the plastic frame. Likewise, the slide cover-plate at the back will be similarly secured. So if you’re in a war and need to work on your gun, well, too bad.

Sig won the contract with a low bid of only $207 per pistol. I’ll take 3.

We have a report that Sig has discontinued its only other modular pistol platform, the P250.

Remington 700 settlement update

Remington RP9

We have a report of the new Remington RP9 pistol having function problems.

Olympic Arms, RIP

Olympic Arms‘ last day of operation will be February 28th, 2017. Effective January 25th, no refunds, returns, or new warranty service work will be accepted.


  • Franklin Armory has a gas piston AR chambered in .17WSM called the F17 series. $1,500. This is the same company that has that goofy “binary trigger” for some guns, that fires when pressed and fires again when released. Not much to go wrong there…
  • Stag Arms has a 7.62mm Stag 10 rifle and a “featureless” rifle, built in partnership with Hera Arms in Germany, with a thumbhole stock with an aluminum insert to prevent holding the stock like an “assault rifle.”
  • The new Hudson Manufacturing H9 is a 15+1 9mm striker-fired all-steel pistol with 1911 ergonomics. 34 oz. $1147.
  • The new Bruin Bronze from Dan Wesson is a 6.3″ barreled 1911 chambered in 10mm that comes with two 8-round stainless steel magazines with rubber drop pads, bushing wrench, Allen wrench, and a 5-year warranty. $2,194. It is also available with an all-black finish at the same price, or in black chambered in .45 ACP for $130 less.
  • Ruger’s polymer-framed LCRx revolver is now available in .357 Magnum.
  • ATI has introduced a .410 bore AR-15 shotgun. 20 round box magazine.
  • WIlkinson Tactical is introducing new 12 gauge AR-style shotgun built on a slightly modified fully ambidextrous AR-10 lower receiver with nickel-boron coated internal components that don’t require lubrication for reliable operation and with a free-floating handguard and adjustable stock. The CR-12 will come with two 5-round magazines and 10 or 12-round magazines will also be available. $2495.
  • Brownells now sells firearms, in addition to pretty much every part and tool for every gun and gunsmith shop (about 100,000 products). Free shipping on guns.
  • The Lethal Lace Universal Wrap Concealed Carry Holster for Women
    • Designed by a health care professional who had a hard time finding a concealment system that would work with her medical scrubs. It consists of a length of strong fabric with an integrated holster that includes a small pad. The user simply places the pistol in the holster, places the pistol against the body where it is to be secured and wraps the holster to the body. At the end of the fabric is a small clip that is used to secure the overall assembly.
  • Blackhawk’s new No-Latch Ambi Charging Handle designed to drop into any mil-spec AR-15 upper receiver eliminates the spring-loaded latch commonly found on AR charging handles in favor of a leaf-spring design built into the handle itself, eliminating the need for shooters to actuate the latch in order to pull the handle. The no-latch design also removes a weak point in the design, doing away with the small roll pin and spring entirely. $40.


“Supporting law enforcement means supporting our citizens’ ability to protect themselves. We will uphold Americans’ Second Amendment rights at every level of our judicial system.” — Trump White House website

“I wish they never sold me a firearm. I wish I was never legally allowed to buy one. I hope there will be a continuous effort to change the gun laws so that others cannot make such a tragic mistake.” — said at his sentencing hearing by a 20-year-old who pleaded guilty to a triple slaying last summer in an upscale community north of Seattle in which he used a semi-automatic rifle to murder three former classmates including his ex-girlfriend due to the ex not reconciling with him following a break-up.

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