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2A News: January 20, 2017 Newsletter by Jeff Pittman

Liar, enemy, has-been

FORMER president Barack Hussein Obama said in a “60 Minutes” interview with Steve Kroft that his administration hasn’t had a single major scandal during in his eight years of office, and that he’s the first modern president without a major scandal.

That may be the biggest lie of his career. The felonious Fast & Furious scandal running guns to Mexican drug cartels, in which people including US law enforcement officers died and continue to die, is bigger and badder than any federal government scandal in my memory. Former US Attorney General Eric Holder was the only AG ever to be found in contempt of Congress, due to his complicit cover up of the scandal. Far, far worse than the various sex scandals and accusations of Kennedy, Johnson, and Clinton; worse than Watergate (in which no one died), and of course there were no reported scandals in the Ford, Carter, Reagan, or Bush I or II administrations.

Obama moving vanIn a last major act as president, Mr. Obama cut short the sentences of 330 more federal inmates convicted of drug crimes this week — more in a single day than on any other day in US history. Earlier in the week, Obama also commuted most of the rest of convicted leaker Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning’s sentence. This reportedly brings Obama’s total number of commutations granted to 1,715, more than any other president in US history, and more than Obama’s 12 most recent predecessors combined. His included 568 life sentence commutations. But Mr. Obama personally reviewed the case of every inmate who received a commutation, and was reportedly especially motivated to grant clemency to inmates who had turned around in prison through education, training, behavior modification and other accomplishments. He also denied more requests than any other president, but that may be a function of the number of requests received.

As another parting gift, on the final full day of the Obama Administration, US Fish and Wildlife Director Dan Ashe issued a Director’s Order that will ban hunters and fishermen from using lead ammunition and tackle on federal land within 5 years.

DC gun laws under fire


A three-judge panel of the Seventh US Circuit Court of Appeals has handed the Second Amendment Foundation a victory in its challenge of firearms regulations in the City of Chicago, striking down a zoning provision, reversing an earlier ruling that upheld “distancing” restrictions for gun ranges, and reversing an earlier ruling that upheld certain age restrictions.

And the judge in the above case is on Trump’s short list for SCOTUS:

Mossberg acquired a patent from McCormick for the single unit AR trigger secured with two pins, and later filed a lawsuit against numerous trigger manufacturers for allegedly violating the trigger patent. After reexamination of the original patent it was declared invalidated by the patent examiner because, the patent office ruled, prior art existed before the request for the patent Mossberg owns.


Texas State Senator Don Huffines (R-Dallas) wants to make a cannon the official gun of Texas.

Well, everything is bigger in Texas.

Christians and Guns

Guns in Schools

Betsy DeVos, President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for secretary of education, was asked about guns in schools at her Senate confirmation hearing. She responded that some rural western schools may need guns to protect from grizzly bears. Well, yeah.


We’ve seen several reports across the nation this week about serious and fatal dog attacks on humans. These folks died because they couldn’t effectively fight back. Be prepared, always. You really don’t want to bury your 5-year-old in pieces.


A Pennsylvania Walmart fired a police officer who worked there for showing up armed while off-duty at Walmart, but on-duty and in uniform with the police department.

It turns out that the man arrested by Miami Beach police Tuesday for allegedly threatening President-elect Donald Trump online is a member of a prominent northeast family close to Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Psychology from a Navy EOD Team Leader: Don’t go down the rabbit hole.

The Only Ones

Contra Costa County, CA, Sheriff’s Deputy Kyle Rowland, 23, was charged with attempted murder after he allegedly fired a gun Friday after a confrontation with party-goers inside a house in Sacramento. No one was injured in the shooting, though Rowland apparently caught some punches in the face.

It turns out that the man who shot and severely beat an Arizona state trooper last week was a former member of the Mexican federal police who was in the country illegally, authorities said. He had rolled his car on Interstate 10, ejecting his girlfriend who later died, before he inexplicably attacked the officer who had stopped to help, and was fatally shot by a passer-by.

Army guns

We have a report that the US Army has chosen Sig Sauer to produce its next generation of modular handgun beginning this year, replacing the current standard issue sidearm, the Beretta M9 (Model 92 in civvies) pistol, which has been in general issue since 1985. The new gun is reportedly the Sig P320 MHS in full size and compact versions. It will be designated as the M17. $580 million contract over 10 years.

Two points:

  1. We presume the M17 is a 9mm, which is the primary complaint about the M9.
  2. We have these sorts of reports about new Army pistols several times a year. We’ll see.

But this one was accompanied by a DoD press release.


American Rifleman‘s Mark Keefe says that it’s likely that 1 out of 4 rifles made today is an AR.

World Record

Team SIG’s Max Michel has set a new Guiness World Record of hitting six plate targets from the holster at the buzzer, in 2.05 seconds. The record run starts at about 3:00.

Lesson of the week

If you fire a 3.75 dram magnum “duck load” from an old 6.25 lb. Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight 16 gauge, it gets your attention.


  • Benelli now has the “completely redesigned” (mainly ergonomics) Super Black Eagle 3 shotgun. It’s hard to improve on the best.
  • Benelli’s M4 Tactical 12-gauge shotgun with its unique, auto-regulating gas-operated semi-automatic action is now available as the M4 H2O Tactical, a marine model with a Titanium Cerakote finish for increased corrosion resistance and durability. In addition to exterior coatings, critical internal components are also coated. $2300.
  • Benelli’s new Performance Shop Ultra Light Upland shotguns are available in 12 and 20 gauge and are the lightest semi-auto shotguns in production for their respective gauges. Both configurations feature featherweight alloy receivers, shortened magazine tubes and strong, lightweight carbon-fiber ribs dropping their overall weights to 6.1 lbs. for the 12-gauge model and 5.2 lbs. for the 20-gauge model. $2800.
  • Mossberg’s autoloading SA-28 Field Shotgun is chambered in 28 gauge with a 26″ barrel with choke tubes, 4-round magazine, and walnut furniture. But it weighs 6.5 lbs. $654.
  • Mossberg’s Shockwave is a legal (under federal law) non-NFA “sawed-off” pump shotgun. State and local laws may differ. $450.
  • 1892 Alaskan Take Down Rifle from Taylor’s & Company has an octagonal barrel either 16″ with a 7+1 magazine or 20″ with a 10+1 magazine. Chamberings available include the .44 Mag, .357 Mag (16″ only), and .45 Colt. The barrel is drilled and tapped for optics or an optional Weaver rail. An over-molded soft black rubbery coating is applied to the stock and forearm. The rifle is available in hard chrome ($1483) and the 16″ models will also be available in black ($1412).
  • Uberti’s new 1886 Big-Bore Lever-Action Repeaters are offered in .45/70 with A-Grade walnut furniture and blued finish with color case receivers and come as a Sporting Rifle with a 26″ octagon barrel and 8+1 magazine and weight of 9.1 lbs. with an MSRP of $1,959, or as a Hunter Lite rifle with a 22″ barrel and 3+1 magazine and weight of 7.11 lbs. with an MSRP of $1,899.
  • Streamlight’s TLR-6 weapon light/laser is designed for use with non-rail 1911 firearms by attaching to the trigger guard. It provides 100 lumens, 2,000 candela and a beam distance of 89 meters. The light features three modes: LED Only, LED/Laser, and Laser Only, with operating run times of one hour for the LED Only or LED/Laser modes, and 11 hours for the Laser Only mode. $175. Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Leupold should be bringing out a replacement scope line for its Mark 4, which is no longer sold to civilians. Look for late summer, and our source says “it’ll be good.”
  • Blackhawk’s excellent line of discrete rifle bags, called “Diversion Bags,” has been discontinued.
  • Nosler’s .30-220gr. Ballistic Tip bullet for the .300 AAC Blackout subsonic cartridge is now available as a component. It’s kind of a round nose plastic tip.
  • Starline Brass has recently announced the addition of rifle brass in .243 Win., .308 Win., .358 Win., .444 Marlin and .338 Federal
  • The classic Buck 110 folding knife, introduced in 1964 and perhaps the first popular large folding/hunting knife, is now available as an automatic, the 110 Auto. $200.

Telor Tactical: Comfortable Carry and Recoil Management

2017 MS gun bills

Below is a list of gun-related bills filed in the MS legislature this session. Next deadline is Jan. 31 for committees to act on bills originating in own house. Apologies to non-MS residents.

HB 471

Forestry Commission law enforcement officers; provide with full police power as a duly sworn law enforcement officer.

01/09 (H) Referred To Forestry;Judiciary B Currie

HB 482

Convicted felons; revise list of prohibited weapons.

01/13 (H) Referred To Judiciary B Gipson

HB 613

Crimes of violence; revise definition of.

01/13 (H) Referred To Judiciary B Bomgar

HB 614

Firearms; prohibit public funds from being spent on enforcing violation of state laws regarding.

01/13 (H) Referred To Judiciary B Oliver

HB 620

Firearms; prohibit public employers from prohibiting employees from carrying if employee has permit and training endorsement.

01/13 (H) Referred To Judiciary B Rushing

HB 621

Firearms; require chief law enforcement officer to certify application unless applicant is prohibited by law.

01/13 (H) Referred To Judiciary B Bomgar

HB 622

Firearms; prohibit altering serial number.

01/13 (H) Referred To Judiciary B DeLano

HB 626

Firearms; prohibit enforcement of certain federal law relating to.

01/13 (H) Referred To Judiciary B Formby

HB 633

Firearms prohibition; create cause of action against property owners with.

01/13 (H) Referred To Judiciary A Criswell

HB 720

Capital murder; include shooting of an unarmed person in the back as.

01/13 (H) Referred To Judiciary B Dixon

HB 731

Firearms; revise limits placed on counties and municipalities to regulate.

01/13 (H) Referred To Judiciary B Banks

HB 732

Recreational firearms; require to be stored in same manner as other firearms.

01/13 (H) Referred To Judiciary B Ellis

HB 733

Concealed firearm license; clarify prohibition for mentally incompetent.

01/13 (H) Referred To Judiciary B Denton

HB 734

Concealed firearm carry permit, enhanced; revise qualifications for military members or veterans.

01/13 (H) Referred To Judiciary B Henley

HB 739

Ammunition; require record-keeping of sales for.

01/13 (H) Referred To Judiciary B Scott

HB 746

Stun gun; remove the term from the firearms category.

01/13 (H) Referred To Judiciary B Criswell

HB 770

Weapons; prohibit discharge near petroleum products.

01/13 (H) Referred To Judiciary B Clarke

HB 856

Firearms prohibition; authorize civil liability against any owner who posts written notice.

01/13 (H) Referred To Judiciary A Currie

HC 28

Constitution; provide that defense of double jeopardy is not available to person accused of killing an unarmed person.

01/16 (H) Referred To Constitution Dixon


Imitation firearms; prohibit.

01/05 (S) Referred To Judiciary, Division A Barnett


Grand larceny; theft of prescription drugs or firearms.

01/05 (S) Referred To Judiciary, Division B Jordan


Retired judges; authorize to solemnize marriages and obtain a free pistol license.

01/09 (S) Referred To Judiciary, Division A Dearing


Federal Firearm, Magazine and Register Ban Enforcement Act; create.

01/13 (S) Referred To Judiciary, Division A;Rules Watson


Firearms; prohibit state cooperation with federal effort to ban.

1/13 (S) Referred To Judiciary, Division A McDaniel


Gun-free zones; businesses liable for injuries.

01/16 (S) Referred To Judiciary, Division A Hill


Possession of a weapon by a felon; revise.

01/16 (S) Referred To Judiciary, Division A Fillingane


Shooting range; limit liability of local government-owned.

01/16 (S) Referred To Judiciary, Division A Fillingane


Crimes of violence; revise list of offenses designated as such.

01/16 (S) Referred To Judiciary, Division A Simmons (12th)


Concealed-carry license; 18-year-old with instructor certification qualifies for.

01/16 (S) Referred To Judiciary, Division A Hill


Wildlife; clarify that a conservation officer must have probable cause to conduct a search without warrant.

01/16 (S) Referred To Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks;Judiciary, Division A Seymour


Youth court; revise jurisdiction of for certain cases involving juveniles in possession of firearms.

01/16 (S) Referred To Judiciary, Division A Witherspoon


Concealed weapons; allow concealed carry of automatic knives.

01/16 (S) Referred To Judiciary, Division A Wiggins

SC 561

Constitution; prohibit pardon of certain violent crimes and revise notice requirements for other crimes.

01/16 (S) Referred To Rules Watson

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