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2A News: August 26, 2016 Newsletter by Jeff Pittman


McClatchy DC reports that there is no evidence that Hillary Clinton or her top aides completed ethics training when they started at the State Department as required by federal law. State Department records show only three of nine top Clinton aides took the mandated training for new employees. Records also suggest that none of seven top aides required to take subsequent annual training completed it. No records indicate whether Clinton herself took any training, or instead broke the law. I bet I know.

A US Army spokesman has confirmed that a training slide that lists Hillary Clinton as an “insider threat” is real. Now imagine her as commander-in-chief.

It seems that FBI agents’ reports of interviews documenting links between Hillary Clinton and Vince Foster’s suicide are now missing from where they should be filed at the National Archives. This is not the first time documents related to the Clintons have apparently vanished from the National Archives. In March 2009, the archives found that an external hard drive from the Bill Clinton White House containing confidential documents was missing.

Gabby Giffords’ gun ban group is endorsing incumbent “Republican” US Sens. Pat Toomey (PA) and Mark Kirk (IL) for reelection after they voted in favor of a national gun registration bill and Toomey’s open rejection of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

“And it’s easy, no doubt, for Hillary Clinton to turn a blind eye to the ravages of crime when she has her own, personal, armed security force. Now she wants to essentially dismantle our Second Amendment. I think the first thing she should do is call up Washington and immediately request that her great Secret Service agents drop all weapons — let them walk around with no weapons — and let’s see how she feels about that when she wants to take away your guns.” — Donald Trump

“You’ve got the strongest hand in the world. That’s right. Your hand. The hand that marks the ballot. The hand that pulls the voting lever. Use it, will you?” — John Wayne


Under Armour is anti-hunting, even while it sells a “hunting” line of gear.

Disastrous former MS Governor Ray Mabus is still on the loose.

Katie Michael Couric Bloomberg

Claim: Michael Bloomberg demanded that John Lott’s pro-gun interview be cut from Katie Couric gun control film farce. It was cut.

About those anti-gun doctors

New ISIS video promoting the use of nontraditional weapons to kill with, especially for soft targets.

And right on cue, last Saturday evening in Roanoke, VA, an American Moslem yelling “Allahu akbar” attacked two strangers with a kitchen knife in their apartment complex. One is still in the hospital. The other has been released. The perp apparently followed the couple as they left the swimming pool, and was arrested almost immediately. But not immediately enough. He is originally from NYC.

Remember that (according to the experts) deadly force is justified in all 50 states when you are confronted with an immediate and otherwise unavoidable danger of death or grave bodily harm to either yourself or other innocents, whose innocence and situation you are totally certain about. The danger must be clear and present, immediate and unavoidable. The danger is determined by three criteria which can be remembered by the acronym A.O.J. Think “Administration Of Justice.” The situation must meet all three criteria.

A = Ability. The person deemed to be a threat must possess the ability or power to kill or maim (Such as a gun, knife, baseball bat, automobile, or disparity of force….).
O = Opportunity. The person deemed to be a threat must be capable of immediately employing his power to kill or maim (He’s in range.)
J = Jeopardy. This means that the person deemed to be a threat must be acting in such a manner that a reasonable and prudent person would conclude beyond doubt that his intent is to kill or cripple.

All of the above are judged by the doctrine of the “reasonable man.” If it meets the test, one is justified in the use of deadly force to stop it.

More on MS Church Carry

After further study of the new church carry law in MS, it appears to me that it might be inadvisable for a church to attempt to implement separate security programs under BOTH subsections of the act; that is, one group of designated armed individuals without enhanced permits [subsection (2)(a)], and another group with enhanced permits [subsection (2)(b)]. Under the enhanced permit (with immunity) subsection, the act stipulates that “the program at a minimum MUST REQUIRE that EACH PARTICIPANT” possess an enhanced permit. Should there be members of another armed security program at that same church who do not have the enhanced permit, that might muddy the water concerning whether the enhanced program itself, and therefore its members, complies with the act. Perhaps the act intends to, but does not actually, say that a church is limited to only one type of program (though it does say “A” program, singular). Or perhaps the intent is to provide for ONLY the enhanced security program, though it does not say that either. But that doesn’t make a lot of sense, because enhanced licensees could already CCW in churches without this law. (And I don’t know why churches didn’t already have these armed teams in place before this church protection act was passed.)

However, I see no actual prohibition of a church having both programs simultaneously — one regular (2a — no permits required), and another enhanced (2b — enhanced permits required) — rather than a requirement to choose only one of the two types of programs (or none at all). But again, after an “incident” such a dual system might be pretty confusing and that might jeopardize the legal protections offered under the 2b subsection (and not offered under the 2a subsection).

Just another reminder: If a church member is NOT a church-designated armed program member, there is no legal way for him/her to CCW at church, except with an enhanced permit or law enforcement authorization. If one has an enhanced permit or LE authority, no church security program designation is required, and in fact no church membership or affiliation is required — visitors with enhanced permits can legally carry. If one IS a designated program member, no state permit whatsoever appears to be required, unless the church’s selected program requires it.

Again, attorneys please weigh in. I think churches would be wise to consult a knowledgeable attorney for advice when setting up their security teams.

The Only Ones

An unidentified Spanish National Police officer “accidentally” fired his gun on a packed plane about to take a holiday flight from Ibiza to Madrid. Apparently protocol there dictates officers are required to give their guns to the pilot for safekeeping during flights, and as this particular officer moved to one side of the aircraft and opened his case to remove his weapon and bullets, he fired the gun into his luggage. No reported injuries or arrests. The airline stated that the officers followed security procedures. I’m having a bit of trouble imagining why a security procedure would involve shooting one’s luggage aboard a plane full of innocents.

An unidentified Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game employee apparently negligently shot a coworker while in the field with his state-issued bear protection shotgun. According to news reports, it just went off by itself.

Dept. of Idiocy

The TSA detained a 9-year-old boy at a Phoenix airport because his pacemaker doesn’t allow use of metal detectors. Alternate screening methods, which he had applied for, were apparently less popular with TSA, who said that terrorists sometimes use 9-year-old boys with pacemakers as bombers.

Republican LA State Senator Jonathan Perry of the Vermillion, Lafayette area, is working on legislation that could require training, certificates and a permit fee to allow Good Samaritan rescuers to get past law enforcement obstructionists into areas devastated by natural disasters. (In my experience, it is VERY common for “officials” to unnecessarily impede positive rescue and assistance efforts by neighbors during/after a disaster.)

Spotted at a Canadian gun range. Personally, I prefer the Darwin approach.

Pokemon Go sign at gun range

FBI guns

Last week we reported on the FBI’s new pistol, the Glock 19M/17M. Now we hear that the 17M, which the Indianapolis Police Department just started issuing, is being recalled by the IPD due to the slides falling off the front of some of the guns during dry fire training.



  • Yahoo News reported that the Vice Consul of Russia, who is a Rio native, was the victim of an attempted robbery at gun point there during a traffic jam. Two men on motorcycles pulled up next to his car, which was also occupied by the diplomat’s wife and daughter. One of the perps broke the window of the car and demanded the Vice Consul’s watch. The Vice Consul, who is a martial arts expert, pulled the mugger into the car through the broken window. They struggled and the mugger was shot dead inside the car. The second robber fled. The Russian Embassy denies that any of its staff were involved.
  • Gonzales, LA. Wife obtains restraining order. Husband violates it. Gets shot dead by helpful neighbor.

Lessons From Kabul (the same ones)

Tips on surviving an “active killer” event

Actions to Take in the Event of an Active Shooter

Premise about self defense (H/T: Gun Talk radio)

If you are the victim of an assault or home invasion involving 3 perps, and (per average, rounded FBI stats, and see item under “DGUs” above) it takes 3 shots to get a hit and 3 hits to get a stop, then you need at least 27 rounds in your defensive handgun. Sorta makes an AR look like the go-to weapon (easier hits, more effective rounds, more ammo).

200 yard pistol shot from holster in 1 second

2.5 mile rifle shot. Sako.

Exclusive: World Record 4380 yard shot

How to hunt

Did you know?

The first radial tire designs were patented in 1915 by Arthur W. Savage, the founder of Savage Arms, while running his Savage Tire company in San Diego, CA. So I guess if an anti-gunner is driving around on radial tires, well OOPS!

Remington 700 trigger recall update


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