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2A News: August 19, 2016 Newsletter by Jeff Pittman


Two different Rasmussen surveys, taken within days of one another in August, show a higher degree of importance for the Second Amendment among likely US voters than support for either Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton or Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Well, duh. Guns are useful and important.

Also this week, Trump noted that black Americans living in dangerous inner city neighborhoods deserve the same protection that Clinton enjoys while she is campaigning against their gun rights.

Meanwhile on the other side, the Clinton campaign announced a voter registration effort led by illegal immigrants on the four year anniversary of President Barack Obama’s executive action to protect illegal aliens from deportation.


Kim Rhode won her sixth Olympic medal, a bronze. That ties the Olympic record for medaling in 6 consecutive Olympics (Hers are 3 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze). She is the only triple Olympic Champion, the only woman to have won two Olympic gold medals for Double Trap, and the first Olympian to win medals on five different continents. But you won’t hear much about it in the lamestream media, in spite of the fact that shooting has the fourth largest number of participants of all Olympic summer sports.

New MS AG opinions on carry laws

In my opinion, the reference to a previous (erroneous) AG opinion about the SCOTUS’s “sensitive places” mention is also erroneous, since although the SCOTUS signalled that state gun control laws for such places would likely be found constitutional (if tested), the fact remains that Mississippi has no such laws beyond a specific list of places (Section 45-9-101(13)) that non-enhanced CCW licenses or “purse carry” are invalid for concealed carry and a short list of places where local governments (not state agencies) can regulate guns. Further, this AG opinion’s specific discussion is about open carry, a practice protected by the MS Constitution (and not governed by the above statute), so a federal finding is irrelevant. An AG’s opinion that a hypothetical gun ban would be OK (since SCOTUS indicated it might be OK) does not mean that such a ban exists, since there is none in the law and neither the AG nor a state agency nor local government entity can enact a gun control law in MS outside the noted exceptions. Such a law, if enacted, would presumably still not apply to open carry, per the state constitution.

Note that this opinion states in part that “Thus, on its face, Section 45-9-101(13) gives a person or entity controlling a building the right to exclude the carrying of a ‘concealed’ weapon in ‘any place’ under his/her/its control.”

That statement would seem to be refuted by part of Section 97-37-7(2): “…A person licensed under [enhanced license] … SHALL ALSO BE AUTHORIZED TO CARRY WEAPONS IN … ANY LOCATION LISTED IN SUBSECTION (13) OF SECTION 45-9-101, except any place of nuisance as defined in Section 95-3-1, any police, sheriff or highway patrol station or any detention facility, prison or jail.

open carry permit

And about those “gun free” zones

Litigation: California 2A case may go to SCOTUS

Leaked list of info on US House Democrats, staffers

Go get ’em, legally.


Anti-gun Democrat PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane, who owed most of her election to ads on her behalf by gun-banning former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, has been convicted of 9 corruption counts including perjury, obstruction of justice, conspiracy, official oppression, and false swearing in a case of leaking grand jury information and lying about it, relating to a vendetta against a political opponent. Kane, who has already lost her law license, has resigned and awaits sentencing (up to 28 years). She plans to appeal.

You may recall that Kane refused to represent the state against municipalities that overstepped their authority under Pennsylvania State gun pre-emption laws, and unilaterally and unlawfully trashed the state’s concealed carry reciprocity agreement with Utah. She also changed similar agreements with Florida, Arizona and Virginia as well as ending reciprocity with Idaho.

With this conviction, she can’t legally possess a firearm for the rest of her life, absent a pardon or other executive restoration of her firearm rights by a US president or PA governor.

How’s that gun control working for you now, Kathy? On her last day in office, she said she has “no regrets,” and that she did her “best.” 9 corruption convictions. No regrets. That means her sentence won’t be nearly severe enough.

A 12-year-old girl who went to Africa with her father and made some legal archery kills of “problem” animals and then posted pictures of her trophies online has received death threats from collectivists who have others kill their food for them.

An American hunting in Canada legally speared a black bear, drawing the ire of the weenie leftists who apparently think that bears otherwise die a peaceful death in their sleep. Even Alberta’s Ministry of Environment and Parks said it was in the process of revising its hunting regulations to ban the “archaic, unacceptable” (but currently legal) practice of spear hunting. Y’all make sure to ban forks too, so no one can spear their dinner. No word yet on what they named the bear.

Psychology Today says that “people make the irrational decision to purchase guns to protect themselves.” Yes, the lunatics are running the asylum. Literally.


In Idaho last week a mountain lion attempted to snatch a 4-year-old girl who was sitting by a campfire with her family. The family began yelling at the mountain lion, and it dropped the child unharmed and left. The lion was later tracked and killed by deputies.

You gonna depend on yelling to stop a predator that doesn’t even know English from killing your child?


A “mad” 19-year-old man in south Florida viciously stabbed a married couple twice his age, and a neighbor who tried to intervene. He didn’t know the couple, who were minding their own business relaxing in their garage. The woman was the daughter of a former mayor. Deputies arrived to find the attacker crouched over the bleeding body of the man, biting chunks of his face off.

It took multiple officers to physically pry the attacker from his victim, after multiple stun gun shocks and police dog attacks didn’t work. The man was incoherent, “making animal noises,” and “grunting and growling” as officers pulled him off. He was reported to have been “abnormally strong” and is in a hospital’s intensive care unit.

The couple died. The neighbor had surgery for 5 stab wounds and is recovering.

You choose:

  • Reason with him (die),
  • Use a Stun gun (die),
  • Call 911 (die),
  • Rely on your dog (die),
  • Use a real gun (live)?


Famed Alaskan Master guide Phil Shoemaker was forced to kill a large boar grizzly bear charging his clients during a July fishing trip. Eight shots from a 9mm pistol. Yes, a 9mm S&W 39 series DAO. Buffalo Bore 9mm +P Outdoorsman 147-grain FN hard-cast @ 1100 fps. Range 6-8 FEET (2 FEET from the clients). Phil commonly carries a .348 Winchester rifle for bears, which is much more appropriate. This DOES NOT mean this particular load is best for defense against 2-legged predators.

Bloomberg: Walmart ain’t safe.

Breitbart: Mexico ain’t safe.

Mexico has an all-out ban on complete categories of firearms, strict limitations on the number and caliber of legal arms citizens can own, comprehensive background checks, and further limits on firearm possession that are based on the declared purposes of the firearms. Yet much as the gun control experiment in Chicago has proven, the gun control schema in Mexico is correlating with rampant violent crime rather than a reduction in such crime. In fact, Mexico’s homicide rate is “more than five times higher” that the homicide rate in the U.S., where guns are easier to acquire and easier to carry daily for self-defense.

13 Charts on violence in US, other countries

Massad Ayoob: Gunfighting Fact vs. Fiction

Massad’s always a good read.

Concealed Carry, A Woman’s Perspective

Go to your local office and “register” yourself and your family for your beliefs… No big deal they said… “Turn over your arms, the government will take care of you” they said…

The Only Ones

An unidentified St. Ann, MO (near St. Louis & Ferguson) police detective shot himself in the thigh while involved in a car chase of a burglary suspect. He did manage to then apprehend the suspect.

Two men carjacked Hinds County, MS Constable Jerry Moore in Jackson this week, taking his 2016 Dodge Challenger. Moore is one of those who participated in the effort to block Mississippi’s open carry law for “regular people.”

Also in Jackson, MS this week, Richland, MS police officer William Buckley was carjacked in a church parking lot by three men, at least one armed. They took a maroon 2001 Chevy Z71 truck, tag SP3 237. Also in the truck were two guns and body armor.

Baton Rouge angels

Industry news

ATF reports the number of firearms manufacturers increased 25.8% from 2012 to 2014.

The FBI’s 5th Gen. Glock, the G17M/G19M


  • Hornady’s new Patent Pending Hornady® 4DOF™ (Four Degrees of Freedom) Ballistic Calculator provides trajectory solutions based on projectile Drag Coefficient (not ballistic coefficient) along with the exact physical modeling of the projectile and its mass and aerodynamic properties. So it uses your bullet as the standard model, instead of using a BC which compares your bullet to a G1 or G7 “standard” projectile. Additionally, it is the first publicly available program that will correctly calculate the vertical shift a bullet experiences as it encounters a crosswind; referred to as aerodynamic jump. The use of drag coefficients, correct projectile dynamics, aerodynamic jump and spin drift enable the Hornady 4DOF ballistic calculator to be the most accurate commercially available trajectory program available, even at extreme ranges. Free.
  • Cabela’s now has online gun sales with free delivery to your local Cabela’s store for FFL paperwork and pickup.
  • Legacy Sports International recently announced the new Howa HCR, or Howa Chassis Rifle. The Howa HCR sits in an aluminum chassis, and features and Ar-15 style grip and a fully adjustable LUTH-AR MBA-3 stock. It will be available in .223/5.56, .243 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor and 7.62/.308 Winchester. 9-10 lbs. $1300.
  • We have a rumor that S&W is working on a new updated M&P pistol line designated the M2.0 in response to criticisms of the original M&P series pistols. The M2.0 reportedly is designed with features that will allow the M&P series to better compete with stock Glocks, including an improved trigger and full-length guide rails, intended to increase overall functionality, reliability, and out-the-box accuracy.
  • Remington’s new American Clay & Field Reloadable Sport Loads have a premium STS primer, reloadable hull, Power Piston wad and high-hardness lead shot. 12, 20, 28 ga. & .410 bore.
  • Volquartsen’s new Firefly 10/22 Bolt is specifically designed to cycle subsonic .22LR ammunition like the CCI Quiet-22 line. Volquartsen has changed the bolt, recoil rod and spring to allow functioning with quieter “light” ammo. No changes to the magazine or other springs are required. We don’t know if the use of “hot” ammo would still be OK with this new kit installed.
  • Handgun Guide for WomenThe Handgun Guide For Women by Tara Dixon Engel, is recommended by Tiger McKee. It has chapters on almost everything you need to get started, including “How To Visit A Gunshop,” which is a difficult thing for most women.

Quote of the Week

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German philosopher

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