Updates: Chattanooga, Nassau County, Pope, Ivory Ban

Chattanooga update

All recruiters attend annual anti-terrorism, force protection training, which covers a variety of topics, including case studies, best practices and active-shooter response scenarios.

None of that was helpful that morning in Chattanooga, according to the Marines. “We all believe that the [anti-terrorism, force protection] training did not help us in this situation,’ USMC Gunnery Sgt. Camden Meyer wrote in an email to Marine officials after the attack. “Our Marine training and common sense is what helped us evade and escape.”

Nassau County, NY update

I still say the DA should be fired and prosecuted for violation of civil rights under color of law.

Pope update

We have mentioned before that anti-gun “nope Pope” Francis is himself protected by 100 armed Swiss guards (including machine guns), but have now learned that he also enjoys protection of the US Secret Service and special gun ban zones created for him when visiting the states. Jesus walked among us, but the Pope certainly doesn’t.

Ivory ban update

Even The Elephant Protection Association submitted a comment opposing the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s proposed rule change that would impose a domestic ivory ban. We understand that at least 1,006,240 comments (including mine) were received by the deadline, but more will come in with a September 28 or earlier postmark.


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