Self-defense. Church defense. Journalist defense. Boys with sticks.

Self defense

A St. Petersburg, FL man, 18, was forced to kill a masked intruder wearing a “SWAT getup” and threatening the teen and his mother with a pistol. Later he learned that the man he had shot was his father, who was not a resident of the home and who the mother had a restraining order against. The defender was not surprised, saying “He wanted to scare us first, then kill us when we were afraid.”

The antis will count this one as “used against a family member,” rather than “to protect from a criminal.”


Dayton, OH. A woman called 911 at 3:05 a.m. to report someone breaking into her house. She called back at 4:08 to report she shot one of them. Police arrived on scene at 4:11.


Don’t try to rob the Beer:30 liquor store in Marionville, MO.


Skill Set: The Gradual Threat

Church defense: Be Thou Prepared

Journalist defense

The NYPD has held it’s first-ever active shooter training for journalists by the department’s Counterterrorism Division’s experts on the state of “active shooters.” Apparently two media members being killed in VA triggered the training that was previously only made available to folks who were members of groups widely and repeatedly targeted, such as schools, shopping centers, government agencies, churches… But I suppose journalists are more special than children or preachers.

Included in the training was advice such as ABC, or Avoid, Barricade, Confront. “Confront” included “Attempt to quickly overpower the individual with force in the most violent manner possible.” When asked what office supplies could make do as weapons for this, the trainers/detectives apparently thought coffee cups and pens were appropriate. No mention was made of what the NYPD uses for weapons in their offices. Donut boxes, perhaps?

Our report also indicates that when asked if the NYPD considered the Good Guy With a Gun scenario when developing their active shooter protocols, John J. Miller, the NYPD’s Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence and Counterterrorism, replied with a flat no, saying that NYC is “not like Texas where two terrorists can show up to an art show with two AK-47s and multiple magazines and still be outgunned. I love that about Texas.”

Seems to me the training could be summed up as “move to Texas.”

Boys with sticks

“When your daughter is the one who’s lying barely conscious on the front yard of some frat house, my sons will be the ones who will know enough to charge in, swinging sticks to chase the brutes away.”


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