Roundup: Foster parents, dangerous items, dangerous places, more guns

Foster parents lose kids over legally owned firearm — Apparently the New Mexico Dept. of Family Services prefers that foster parents NOT protect their foster kids.

Dangerous items

Yahoo Health reported last week on a HealthGrove study of the most recent available data on product injuries from 1997-2014 from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, to calculate the average number of injuries and deaths caused by a product in a given year. They listed the top 20 dangerous items.

Guns didn’t make the list.

Dangerous places

The FBI has released its list of the most dangerous cities in the nation for 2015:

More guns, less crime. Again.

And even more on research

And even more guns

When I first started paying attention to the political gun issue back in the early 80s, it was estimated that there were around 200 million guns in private hands in the US. Current estimates are around 380 million, meaning that we will probably have over 400 million by the time President Obama leaves office (a little over one per person). That would make him officially the greatest gun salesman in history, with somewhere in the range of 92 million new firearms sold on his watch. (There were about 308 million when he took office in 2008.)

Congrats, Barry.

And even less crime


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