Gunshot wounds (video). 2.16 mile shot. Bad technology. USMC plan. “Gun oil.”

Gunshot Wounds And How To Treat Them, from Pascagoula, MS

The main takeaway is don’t shoot at hard flat surfaces, like steel targets. Also, it’s good if you’re not all alone.

3800 yard (2.16 miles) shot. About 9 sec. flight time.

There probably is such a th‌ing as “bad” technology:

The federal government has been experimenting with using wireless Nano and GPS technologies to track, disrupt, and even self-destruct firearms for at least two years. The project – known as micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) – utilizes Nano devices created by engineers (not me) that can affect a weapon’s operation. MEMS capabilities could be built into US weapons within 3-5 years, creating a supposed $1.1 billion market. But good luck selling many “electronical” guns. Remember the Remington eTronix? How about the inventory-tracking RFID chips?

New USMC small-arms modernization plan

“Gun Oil”

Apparently WalMart is selling something called “Gun Oil HO,” which might be found at their gun counters. But it’s not gun oil. The water-based product belongs on the “personal lubricant” aisle in the pharmacy department. Read the fine print.


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