Gun free zones. Baltimore. Tacoma.

Gun free zones

A shooting this week at Sacramento (CA) City College (a gun free zone) resulted in 1 dead, 2 wounded, and a suspect on the loose. Yes, they did a lockdown — I guess in case he needed more victims.

Baltimore, MD

Baltimore is using a $180,000 one-year grant from the Abell Foundation, federal grant dollars and $770,000 in local tax funds to employ ex-felons to fight “gun violence” in more neighborhoods. This is the program whose “ex” felons have already been caught with illegal guns and drugs.

Tacoma, WA

The City of Tacoma is crafting a new program that would place firearm drop boxes in neighborhoods, away from police presence, in hopes of encouraging people, particularly youth, to anonymously turn in guns.

I have some reactions:

(1) Fire up my cutting torch.
(2) Put a drop box out in front of my house.
(3) Placing a box full of anonymous guns in public, “away from police presence” probably is not the brightest idea.
(4) If the crooks can’t get into the box, they’ll just rob the “clients” like they do at ATMs.

I suspect stealing from a drop box doesn’t carry the same penalties as burglarizing a dealer or even other “owners,” or robbery of a person.


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