Florida Carry sues FSU. Fast & Furious update. ATF agency? More.

Florida Carry Inc. has sued Florida State University, the college president and the campus police chief for violating the state preemption law, which mandates that only the state legislature can regulate arms.

Earlier this month, FSU posted that weapons were not permitted to be stored in a vehicle on campus at any time, which conflicts with state law.

Just a day after the lawsuit was filed, FSU officials updated their firearms policy, claiming the information concerning the weapon ban was issued in error.

University officials now state students and visitors coming to ball games, provided they have a concealed carry permit, can lock their guns in their trunks. But Florida Carry says fans without permits shouldn’t have their rights taken away by a local policy.

Alabama Supreme Court overturns state open carry ban for being unconstitutionally vague.

Why Isn’t the DC Police Chief (and others) in Jail For Not Issuing Gun Permits?

Because, political correctness by backward satanistic fools.

Fast & Furious update

Agency update

Last month, the ATF said that it’s not an “agency” within the context of FOIA law in its answer to blogger David Codrea, gun manufacturer Len Savage, and the FFL Defense Research Center. But in its answer to Everytown, the ATF explicitly says it is a law enforcement agency within the DOJ. So I guess they’re saying they lied.


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