CCW holsters for women. Survival tip. Army pistols. Reloading mistake. Alligator records. Camp Perry record.

Finding Concealed Carry Holsters for Women (detailed article with photos at Lucky Gunner)

Survival tip: If you are at a remote outpost in northern Russia (or anywhere else, remote or not), you need a defensive weapon.

Army pistols. Again.

Reloading mistake (graphic)

MS alligator records broken, re-broken this season

A new state record weight gator of 822 lbs and a new record length of 13′ 7-3/4″ (different gator), were established then superseded by a bigger 14′ 1/4″ gator weighing 826 lbs. The female gator weight record was also broken by 24 pounds, with the new record set at 319 pounds.

Camp Perry record

Ted James, 36, of Woodville, OH, was the overall winner of the Tactical Class during the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s (CMP) Rimfire Sporter Match – recently held during the 2015 National Matches at Camp Perry, OH. In the Tactical Class, James fired an outstanding score of 596-37x (37 center shots) out of a possible 600 points. The score was a new National Record for the Rimfire Sporter Match. This was James’ first year competing in the Tactical Class.


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